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Q: What is the meaning of equilibruim?
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How can the word equilibruim be used in a sentence?

You are very equilibruim!

Is defined as all the chemical processes that occur in the cells of that organism?


What is thermal equilibruim?

Equal temperature.

The equilibruim constant is the ratio of product concentration to reactant concentration at equilibruim A reaction will likely go to completion if the equilibrium constant?

a} Is very high.

When does diffusion thus osmosis stop?

at equilibruim

In an equilibruim with a Keq of 1 X 10 8 the?

products are favored

True or False When a solution is in equilibruim all movement of its molecules stops?


When the concentration of a solute is the same throughout a system system has reached?

The System will reach EQUILIBRUIM.

What will happen to the reaction mixture at equilibruim if the volume of the container is increased?

The equilibrium will be re-established.

What describes a reaction that reaches equilibruim?

The products and reactants reach a final unchanging level. (apex) :)

When there is surplus prices tend to rises true or false?

do the equilibruim have to change for the supply or demand change

Which Newtons law of motion can explain what happens when someone pushes a chair across the floor?

It will have no equilibruim and when you are pushing it you are using a force