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Praising the Lord

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Q: What is the meaning of exalted in nature or character?
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Can you suggest another name for Exalted in nature or character?

Augustus, sometimes simply August, and its Greek equivalent Sebastian, are names with such meaning.

What does the Bible character Athalia mean?

Yahweh has announced His exalted nature or Yahweh is righteous.

Is there another word meaning diverse in character or nature?

different. Unique.

What EXALTED MEAning of exalted?

of Exalt, Raised to lofty height; elevated; extolled; refined; dignified; sublime.

What is the meaning of marathi name adhishri?

It means exalted

The meaning of the name Jeremy?

Jeremy is a boy's name meaning 'Exalted Of The Lord'.

What is the homophone for metal?

Mettle, meaning spirit, nature, temperament, character, or courage. Medal, meaning decoration, award, or commemorative.

What is ethnicity of surname AVRAM?

This is a Jewish surname meaning exalted father.

What does character vs nature?

when a character goes into conflict with nature

Which is the meaning of ADEGOKE?

The meaning of ADEGOKE of Western African origin is "the crown has been exalted" in Yoruba and it is male name.

What is the meaning of Urdu word fitrat?

it means "nature" but it is used for a person's character. e.g. " creed is in his nature" (English) " laalch uski fittrat mein hai." (Urdu)

What is the meaning of name Alicia?

The name Alicia is of Old German origin and means "noble" or "of noble kind." It is a variant of the name Alice and has variations in different languages such as Alecia or Alyssa.