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Since you added it in English to Japanese I assume you want it in Japanese:

根本的な変化 (kon pon te ki na hen ka)

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Q: What is the meaning of fundamental changes?
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What is the meaning of fundamental skills in physical education?

What means fundamental skills

What is the meaning of 4 fundamental operation?

The four fundamental operations in mathematics are:additionsubtractionmultiplication, anddivision.

What were the fundamental strains and changes that eroded the Roman Republic?


Who in the US establishes and changes the fundamental role of government?

The senators

Why is it said that EC is catalyst for fundamental changes in organization?

EC always do a fundamental changes in organization. When we consider the Brick & mortar or pure physical corporation, they try introduce EC for their business activities

Why fundamental right called fundamental?

The meaning of "fundamental" is - of or relating to the foundation or base, of great significance. Knowing this makes it obvious - "fundamental" rites are those that are the most significant and at the base of belief.

What is the fundamental question?

Fundamental questions are propositions that individuals put forward in-order to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

How do you handle the four fundamental fractions?

I never heard about "four fundamental fractions". There is a concept of fundamental operations, which refers to addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but I don't think that "fundamental fractions" has any commonly-accepted meaning in math.

How were industrial Revolution and the commercial revolution similar?

Both created fundamental changes in the European economy.

How were the Commercial Revolution and Industrial Revolution similar?

Both created fundamental changes in the European economy.

Meaning of fundamental stance?

Fundamental stance is a term used in moral theology. In short, it is the fundamental decision we make as to the type of person we want to be. Our fundamental stance guides a persons character and actions. A Christians fundamental stance is one in which the great commandement of love is central. Fundamental stance is part of the fundamental option theory of moral theology. Fundamental option is that decision of faith we enter into as to whether we will commit our lives to God or not.

What is the word part that contains the fundamental meaning?

The root of the word.