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Q: What is the meaning of harbor wave?
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How do you spell suenami?

The spelling tsunami has a silent T (Japanese word meaning "harbor wave").

What natural phenomenon comes from the Japanese language meaning 'harbor' and 'wave'?

It is 'tsunami'.

What is a tsunami called in your own language?

The Japanese word tsunami has been used long enough that it has been adopted into most languages rather than being translated. It means "harbor wave." Tsunami in Japanese is written with the symbol for wave and for harbor. Japan is one of the most common locations for tsunami. The literal translation in English is "wave harbor" meaning "harbor wave". This name came from the fact that they only become visible as huge waves after arriving in shallower waters near shores and harbors, and therefore, they were originally believed to have originated in the harbor.

What natural phenomenon gets its name from the Japanese word meaning harbor and wave?

tsumani津波 /tsu na mi/ means 'tidal wave' and literally means 'harbor/port wave'. A gigantic wave would be called 巨波 /kyo ha/ in Japanese.zingdolkeTidal wave in Japanese is 津波 (tsunami).The Japanese word tsunami means harbor wave, and is used for the massive movement of ocean water that can follow an earthquake or volcanic eruption. Typically, these "tidal waves" are shallow at sea and then gain increased height in shallower water near the shore.there is no word in Japanese that literally translates to "Harbour wave". minato no namilitterally translates to harbour wave but it is 2 wordstsunami translates to tidal wave------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------港の波 is what I found in Google Translate (harbour wave [minato no nami]). Also it's spelled "harbor", not "harbour" (just saying).

From what language did the word 'tsunami' originate?

The term tsunami comes from the Japanese meaning harbor ("tsu", 津) and wave ("nami", 波). [a. Jap. tsunami, tunami, f. tsu harbour + nami waves.-Oxford English Dictionary]. For the plural, one can either follow ordinary English practice and add an s, or use an invariable plural as in Japanese. From Wikipedia.

What does tsunami means in japan?

harbor wave

What is the definition of tsunami in Japanese?

Harbor wave.

How do you spell sunamee?

A large tectonic ocean wave is a "tsunami" (Japanese for harbor wave).

What language did tsunami come from?

The word "tsunami" comes from Japanese, where "tsu" means harbor and "nami" means wave. This term accurately describes the phenomenon of a series of large ocean waves caused by underwater disturbances.

What is the Japanese word for 'tidal wave'?

Tsunami.Although the literal translation for it does means harbor wave, this is the acceptable word for tidal wave as well.

Huge surface wave caused by a underwater earthquake?

This sort of wave is called a tsunami. The name comes from the Japanese language and means 'harbor wave'.

What is tsunami in Hindi?

Really the word Tsunami is from japan. Its English meaning is "seismic sea waves".