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What is the meaning of intercourse?


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June 04, 2015 8:43AM

What is intercourse?

Intercourse is a word derived from the Latin "inter" (in the middle) plus "currere" (to run). The two words together mean: "to run in the middle, or together".

During the Roman Empire the word intercourse had a generic meaning which stood for: communication à conversation à colloquium à Congress and à commercial relations among nations.

Even today in Europe the word intercourse is used with meaning of conversation, or commercial exchange. When they want to use the sexual meaning of intercourse the Europeans use the word coitus.

With the passage of time the meaning of intercourse became more personal: communion à conviviality à contact à coitus à copulation à and sexual relations.

It is interesting to note that, all these words which mean intercourse, have the same prefix "co" which means "company or together".

The word coitus is composed by "co" (company) and Latin "ire" (to run), and therefore means "to run together", which is equal to the original meaning of intercourse!

The word copulation is composed by "co" (company) plus Latin "apio" ( to tie, or to tighten), which means "to tie, to fasten together".

Indeed if we observe a man and a women during the intercourse it is easy for us to conclude that their movements are like "a run between both of them", as if they are both pushing each other, as if they were in a "firing fight"…

Our sexual organs are not capable of functioning without the electricity produced by our five senses!

This is the very reason why in order to have normal production of electricity of love, we have to start always by the very beginning of the meaning of the word intercourse: first communication, second conversation, etc, and follow the entire sequence of the evolution of the meaning of intercourse before we finally reach the sexual relations.

Every man that goes directly to the last meaning of intercourse , there is, copulation, he does not know how to make the electricity of love and will not be able to satisfy sexually his female partner! If you are discussing sexual intercourse, then it is the act of the male's penetration of the penis into the female's vagina.