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What does the 'expense ratio' of an investment fund mean?

Expense Ratios, expressed as a percentage, represents the amountof money a fund spends on management, administrative costs,operating costs, 12b-1 fees and any other costs tied to the assetsin the fund. It does not include costs for trades made in the fund.These costs are passed on to the shareholder ( Full Answer )

How do you invest in mutual funds?

The answer depends on the type of mutual fund. Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are closed-end funds that trade like stocks on one of the stock exchanges. You purchase shares in these funds through a brokerage account, just as you would for any other stock. Open-end funds are available from the fund's d ( Full Answer )

How do quant funds invest?

Please consider managed futures accounts with Royal Futures ( http://www.royal-futures.eu/ ) Intraday portfolio management: Total returns for year 2007 is +290% Initial deposit from 10k USD Active portfolio management: Total returns for year 2006 is +83% Total returns for year 2007 i ( Full Answer )

How risky is mutual fund investment?

They are as risky as stock market investments. The only good thing here is the fact that, the fund is managed by experienced professionals, therefore the chances of making a profit are better compared to us investing in stocks directly.

What is real estate investment and funding?

\nReal estate investing generally means buying or otherwise making an investment in real property (real estate). Some will include investments in funds or trusts that own the property but such investments are rather different legally and for tax purposes.\n. \nFunding when used in the context of re ( Full Answer )

Why should you invest in a Mutual Fund?

By investing in a mutual fund you can diversify your investment which means that you can buy a variety of assets without paying a huge amount of money. Diversifying helps reducing the risk of your investment and at the same time enables you to cover a broad range of investments. Although there are m ( Full Answer )

Objectives of investment in a mutual fund?

The objectives of investment in mutual funds include: . Exposure to the stock market . Exposure to a certain sector in the market . Get expert investment advise . Get good returns out of the investments

Where do liquid funds invest?

Liquid funds invest in securities with a residual maturity of up to91 days. Liquid funds are a type of mutual fund and do not have alock-in period.

How many mutual funds are there to invest in?

There are numerous types of mutual funds that are available for investment. The Different Mutual Fund Categories in India are: 1. Equity Diversified Funds 2. Equity Midcap Funds 3. Equity Infrastructure Funds 4. Equity Banking Funds 5. Equity Pharma Funds 6. Equity FMCG Funds 7. Eq ( Full Answer )

What does fluctuated mean?

"fluctuated 'is the past tense and past particle of the verb fluctuate. To fluctuate means to change back and forth, waiver, vary. Example: The price of certain stocks has fluctuated dramatically in recent months.

What does fluctuate mean?

vary in level, degree, or value: to change often from high to low levels or from one thing to another in an unpredictable way

What is Fluctuating fund system?

Fluctuating fund system is handling petty cash fund wherein every expenses/voucher is debited directly with petty cash fund as a credit. The petty cash fund is debited only whenever there is a replenishment wherein the proforma entry is:

Is the investment of mutual funds risky?

Yes they are. Since mutual funds invest in the stock market they carry the same risk that stock market has. If the price of stocks tumbles due to some reason, the value of a mutual fund goes down and hence our investment worth also goes down. Certain type of funds like debt funds and balanced funds ( Full Answer )

Can Muslims invest in mutual funds?

Yes they can but the sharia law of Muslims prohibits them from receiving or paying interest and hence they cannot invest in stocks of companies that do so. there are mutual funds in India that invest only in sharia compliant stocks from the Parsoli mutual fund house. They can invest in them.

What are the advantages of investing in mutual funds?

The advantages of investing a mutual fund is if one of the fundstocks or other securities performs poorly the loss can be offsetby gains in another stock or security within the mutual fund.

What is the best mutual fund to invest in?

The simplest plain vanilla fund to invest in is probably an S&P 500 Index Fund. Nobody selects the stocks to invest in, the fund just buys the stocks of the companies in Standard and Poor's list of large, publicly held companies that trade their stocks on the main American stock markets. These funds ( Full Answer )

What mutual funds invest in Samsung?

The mutual funds that invest in Samsung are quite a number. Themost common include American Century Emerging Markets Inv Fund,Invesco Global Growth B Fund and Fidelity Series Emerging Markets FFund among others.

What does it mean to invest in a diversified mutual fund?

It means that you are investing in a mutual fund that is professionally managed and invests in a diverse selection of stocks from different sectors of the industry. Also they may invest in all categories of stocks like mid cap, small cap or large cap.

Where does the fund manager invest the fund?

It depends on the type of the mutual fund and also the investment objective of the fund. For Ex: A equity diversified fund would invest in a combination of large and mid cap shares whereas a debt mutual fund would invest in bonds and other government securities whereas a gold ETF would invest in th ( Full Answer )

Who can help you invest in mutual funds?

Contact your local investment advisor in your bank. He/She would be able to guide you with the investment options in mutual funds. You may require some documents like PAN card, Address proof, Identity proof and also money in your bank account to conclude the purchase of the mutual funds.

What is investment fluctuation fund?

investment fluctuation fund may be created out of profit ,so that any loss due to decrease in value of investment can be met out of investment fluctuation fund. .

What are the advantages of investing in an Index Fund?

There are many advantages of investing in an Index Fund. An indexfund allows you to enjoy the good parts of a mutual fund, withlittle or none of the bad, by buying stock in all the companies ofa particular index and thereby reproducing the performance of anentire section of the market. An index fund ( Full Answer )

Who can invest in banking sector funds?

Usually there are no restrictions as to who can invest in a particular type of fund. If you are asking, who would want to invest in banking funds, the answer is: anyone who feels that the banking industry will continue to grow and generate profits for the investors can invest in them.

What is the minimum allowed in fund investments?

It depends on the type of mutual fund you want to invest and also the fund house in which you want to invest your money. In majority of the cases the minimum amounts are as follows: a. One time Investment - Open ended Mutual Fund - Rs. 1000/- and multiples of Rs. 500/- thereafter b. Systematic Inv ( Full Answer )

What is mutual fund how to invest in it?

mututal fund represents a vehicle for collective investments....an individual who cant invest directly in securities market cantake help of mutual fund to invest on his behalf..in nutshell it is indirect investing.....the way to invest is through a mutual fund like kotak mf/ icici mf/uti mf/ hdfc mf ( Full Answer )

When to invest in gold funds?

Check out mygoldrolloverira.com to get answers to all yourinvesting in gold questions as well as gold company reviews!

Where the insurance company invest their funds?

the insurance companies invest their fund in any profitablebusiness opportunity such as in making roads, establishing bridges,tunnels and many more similar projects

How does one invest in vanguard funds?

Vanguard is an investment company with a wide range of investment options. One could invest in mutual funds, start an IRA, or open a brokerage account. All of this can be done by calling their toll-free number or by visiting their website.

What is the forex investment fund?

Forex Investment Funds allow you to invest money online and receive high daily interest rates from offshore accounts. You must be very careful if investing, because FIF scams are on the rise.

What is the safest type of fund to invest in?

The following two types of Mutual Funds can be considered the Safest GILT Funds These are Mutual Funds that invest exclusively in Government Securities like Government of India Bonds, RBI Bonds etc. Example: a. Birla Sun Life GILT Plus - Regular Plan b. ICICI Prudential Gilt - Investment - ( Full Answer )

Can banks invest in mutual funds?

They can invest their own income/profits in a mutual fund but they cannot invest the depositors money in a mutual fund

Where an insurance company does invests its funds?

Insurance companies do invest there money in following ways, and they are: 1. Reinsurance in reinsurer for safety, 2. Governmant sector ( Traditional policies) and 3. Mutual funds(ULIP policies).

Why mutual fund investing is advantageous?

The primary advantage of investing in mutual fund is professional management, the investor purchase the fund because they do not have time to manage their portfolio, Mutual fund is relatively inexpensive way for small investors to get full time manager to make the investment

Is an index fund a good investment?

An index fund can be a great investment. If you read the works of John Bogle (who founded the Vanguard Group), he argues that an index fund has the best possible potential of maximizing your return with little risk and, more importantly, costing you the lowest amount in fees. The more you pay in fe ( Full Answer )

What are the benefits of investing in a mutual fund?

A mutual fund allows a customer to benefit from investment classes that would not be available to a smaller investor, and allows them to receive the expertise of experts that would not be an option unless they enter a collective investment vehicle. Mutual funds are also much easier than managing one ( Full Answer )

What kind of investment funds are UCITS?

"UCITS" short for Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable securities are investments funds that are a form of Hedge fund banking. These funds are sold to European retail investors.

What is the benefit of investing in DFA funds?

The benefit of investing in DFA (Dimensional Fund Advisors) funds is that by weighting portfolios toward smaller and value companies one can achieve additional returns.

What are the advantages of using an investment fund?

Investment funds are a good way to make sure your money is diversified into different accounts for investing. If you invest all of your money in only one company or account, and that company gets into financial trouble, you could lose all of your money. Investment funds make sure your money is div ( Full Answer )

What does it mean to fluctuate?

The dictionary meaning for the very fluctuate is "to rise and fall irregularly in number or amount". Something like blood pressure or waves on the ocean can fluctuate.

Where can you invest in stable value funds?

A stable value fund is a type of investment available in 401(k)plans and other defined contribution plans as well as some 529 ortuition assistance plans. It cannot be purchased in mutual fundformat or through an IRA. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stable_value_fund

Should one be investing funds?

One should be investing funds if they have some surplus to invest. An investment of funds can be very rewarding and gratifying once the interest is earned.

What type of investment is a fund of funds?

An investment that is a fund of funds relies on the ability of the customer as well as the supplier to contribute to the fund. This combination results in a very strong joint investment.

What kind of investment is the mutual fund?

Mutual is a kind of investment where in professional manage the collective money from many investors to purchase securities. These securities will be regulated and sold to the public.

How can someone invest in Mutual funds?

One can invest in mutual funds directly from the fund AMC, or indirectly through the use of agents. Investing directly means you don't have to share any earnings with the agent, but it also means you need to do more research on the funds you wish to invest in. Investing indirectly means the agent wi ( Full Answer )

What is meant by fund investing?

Fund investing is a process that involves two or more companies or individuals. A company or an individual is investing money or other resources in another company in order to get a share of the profit.

What are some of the best investment funds?

There are many great investment funds. Some of the best investment funds includes Janus Bonds Funds, Merrill Edge Investment Funds, and Kiplinger Funds.

Which are the best mutual funds to invest in?

No one person could decide on the 'best' mutual funds to invest in, as different companies offer different incentives for consumers to invest into their businesses which would appeal to other types of people.

What does the CGM fund invest in?

There are three types of CGM Fund; the Mutual Fund, Focus Fund and Realty Fund. The Mutual Fund invests in a managed mix of equity and debt securities, the Focus Fund invests in stocks and the Realty Fund invests at least 80% in the real estate industry.