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Q: What is the meaning of keep the flag flying?
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Is it your right to fly the flag?

Absolutely. Flying your own countries flag is a privilege, however, if you keep your flag flying at night, it must have a light on it.

What does keep a clean flag of flame flying in lord of the flies?

This is an example of alliteration

3 What do you show loyalty to when you say the Pledge of Allegiance?

What has the author Pin Liang written?

Pin Liang has written: 'Keep the red flag flying'

What is the duration of Flying the Flag?

The duration of Flying the Flag is 1800.0 seconds.

When did Flying the Flag end?

Flying the Flag ended on 1992-08-04.

What is the meaning of flying a flag on a lighthouse?

A flag flying at the top of a lighthouse could mean several things, depending on the color and color pattern of the flag. It could mean anything from inclement weather, rough seas, hurricane, shallow water, dangerous rip currents etc.

Rules for flying the American flag at half staff?

What are the rules about flying the American Flag

Which flag should be larger the Texas flag or the American flag?

According to the US Flag Code, the US Flag should be larger in size and (if flying on the same pole), at the top of the pole. If flying the American flag with a state flag, the American flag needs to be on a taller pole than the state flag and displayed on the flag's right side. If flying them on poles of equal size, then flying the American flag on the flag's right side is correct.

How do we celebrate flag day?

We celebrate by flying the flag.

What is a flying flag?


What would be a good Chelsea fc slogan for a licience plate six letters?

KTBFFH(keep the blue flag flying high)