What is the meaning of love begets love?


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Begets means 'to cause', i.e. if you love someone they will love you back.


Just because you love someone, doesn't necessarily mean they will love you back. What this quote really means is that in order to be loved, you must be willing to love. It's similar to "love is a two-way street"; you can't expect to be loved if you won't love that person in return.

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Violence begets violence. Strife begets strife. Hatred begets hatred. Good will begets good will. Civility begets civility. Love begets love.

Yes, this is definitely true. What you rip is what you sow. What you plant is what you will harvest. It's also similar to "Do unto others what you want to do unto you". Do good and you will be blessed. Do evil and you will be cursed.

The term 'beget' means make children love begets love

Hatred begets hatred and love begets love. They see you as a potential competitor of the love of their father, so if you return their hate with more and more love they will eventually accept you but it takes time and consistent affection showering behaviour on your part. Best Wishes

"Begets" is an archaic Biblical word meaning "gives birth to". The phrase "hate begets hate" means that ill feelings against a person (or group) may encourage him (or them) to hate you in return. Seldom do people respond to an expression of hate with understanding or kindness, although that would be the moral ideal.

Love begets love.Hence the being on this plateform EARTH is the First Act of Love of GOD so that we could Love like our pricipal.

there are a lot of scriptures involving love but the best arejohn 3:161st or 2nd Corinthians 13 (try them both!)

Ask yourself "How would I like people to treat me?" If your answer is "With love, compassion, understanding" Then you must treat them the same for them to treat you in like manner. Even your enemies deserve to be treated in like manner. Love begets love.

'Gratia gratiam parit' the motto loosely translated into friendship begets friendship or kindness begets kindness is found in the Adagia of Erasmus. Erasmus being Desiderius Erasmus or Erasmus of Rotterdam (1466-1536).

"Dancing begets warmth, which is the parent of wantonness." See the Related Link.

The source of the quote 'misery begets misery' is unknown. However, it means that negative thoughts will produce negative results.

Trust Begets Trust - 1914 was released on: USA: 16 January 1914

love is its meaning love is its meaning

The quote "violence only begets more violence" was spoken by Moses, it's in the bible.

Certain attitudes or outcomes lead to or create more of the same attitudes or outcomes.Answerit means Off springs resemble their parents

it means 'your love' ..literally. tu- meaning you or your amor- meaning love


A father sires or has a son or daughter

the meaning for love forever is to stay with the person you love forever if not then it was never meant to be

The French noun meaning love is amour. The verb meaning "to love" is aimer.

'Philosophy' is the word derived from the two Greek words meaning the love of wisdom - 'philos' meaning love, and 'sophos' meaning wisdom.

Aku mencintaimu Answer I think the meaning of I Love You is universal.

it means that respect others and you will gain respect back. P.S. - Please also see: what is the difference between Ejjat and respect?respect vs ego

Love is what you want it to be. Love is a emotion.

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