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Mellow music is music that is soft, calm, relaxed, laid-back, smooth … it has an aura of relaxation, of meaningful silence. It places you in a world without troubles or discomforts. Mostly it is simply though deep. Although it leaves you in a dream, it doesn't make you numb. On the contrary, it makes you feel, it gives you this small butterfly-in-stomage-effect.

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Is mellow music a verb?

No. "Mellow" is an adjective, and "music" is a noun.

What kind of music is mellow music?

Down Tempo, Trip Hop, Ambient, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Soul

What is the meaning of the slang phrase let the mellow yellow flow?

It means if you only pee let it sit to conserve water hence "let ur yellow mellow"

What was Elvis Presley style music like?

soft mellow rocking roll and pleasing to the ears

What is the meaning of music in mapeh?

what is the meaning of music

Why does Jamaica play reggae music?

because it makes the rasta's mellow down. <---- whoever wrote this is stupid..

What do the blues sing about?

There are many things that the blues sing about. Often times the blues are known for their sad mellow music.

What are the tone colors in music?

the "colours" are based david lucus burge's perfect pitch ear training, they aren't much, they help to "visualise" the sound, compare them to colours. An G note is mellow sounding so see it in your head as a mellow colour and the opposite for an aggressive sounding note *the G might not be mellow

What meaning is the meaning of line in music?

are the stands for notes to sit on in music

What is the meaning of the maori word Atawhai?

I have been told its caring, serenity. So I guess its a positive mellow caring

What is some good massage music?

Most massage music tends to be mellow although there are some exceptions in the clients' tastes. David Lauterstein is a popular choice in massage sessions.

How do you use mellow in a sentence?

He became more mellow as he aged.

How tall is Elliot Mellow?

Elliot Mellow is 6' 2".

When was Gail Mellow born?

Gail Mellow was born in 1952.

When was Mellow Mushroom created?

Mellow Mushroom was created in 1974.

What is a sentence with the word mellow?

Sally became very mellow when she joined a hippie group. Hawaii is known for its mellow fruit.

Does music affect your brain?

For sure! If you listen to music as a baby and growing up, you will have a little bit larger 'music center' in your brain. If you are an adult, then music can release hormones that may either get you excited and agitated, or get you super-mellow and relaxed. yes absoblutly, music does effect the brain.

What is mellow weed?

mellow weed is weed with a los THC level.

What is the duration of You My Rose Mellow?

The duration of You My Rose Mellow is 1.83 hours.

Where can you buy mellow bird coffee from?

where can you buy mellow birds coffee from

What is Snowball's personality in Neko Atsume?

Snowball is described as "mellow".

What is the meaning of hindustani MUSIC?

Karnata music

What is the meaning of loud music?

for the music to be loud...

Does music have a meaning?

Music has lots of meanings. An artist who composes music means something, and a listener who hears music will understand some meaning, which may or may not be the same as the meaning that was originally intended by the composer.

When was The Temptations in a Mellow Mood created?

The Temptations in a Mellow Mood was created in 1966.