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名前は何ですか is Japanese for 'What's your name?'.

Typically, if you're meeting someone for the first time you'd be quite polite and therefore use the more respectful お名前は何ですか (onamae WA nan desu ka).

お名前は? (onamae WA?) is also acceptable when asking for someone's name.

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Q: What is the meaning of namae wanan desu ka?
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How do you say who is she in Japanese?

ano hito WA nan degozaru ka? or, ano hito no namae WA nan desu ka?

Need to know a lot of Japanese words know any?

um i only know the basics, for example: Kawaii- cute O-genki desu ka?-How are you? Hajimemashite. - Nice to meet you hai- yes lie - no O-namae wa nan desu ka? - what is your name? Watashi no namae wa ____ desu - my name is___ Dōmo arigatō - thank you Sumimasen - excuse me Gomen-nasai. - im sorry

How do you ask what is your name in Japanese?

お名前は何ですか? (O namae wa nan desu ka?)

How do you say 'What is your name' in different languages?

Namae WA nan desu ka ? (Japanese) Kako se zoves? (Serbian) Como te llamas? (Spanish)

What is the meaning of doko desu?

What is the meaning of 'doko desu?' ' Kore WA doko desu?' Depending on the kanji used the English translation would be: 'This is Poison' 'Doko desu ka?' asks for the location of a particular object. Tokee WA doko desu ka? = Where is the watch? Kaia, Rachel

What the meaning of chiisai neko desu ka?

This means "Is the cat small?"

What is the Japanese words for What is your name?

O Namae WA nan desu ka お なまえ は なん です か (Hiragana)

How do you say how do you spell your name in Japanese?

"onamae wa nan desu ka" name what is ? <-- what it reads in english directly. but in japanese is 'what is your name?' or less polite: namae wa nan desu ka if you want someone elses name like their brother's or friend's you could say: brother == onisan no onamae wa nan desu ka. friend: tomodachi no onamae wa nan desu ka. no= shows posession -in this case- wa= marks the topic ka= question mark -- makes it a question.

What does O-genki Desu ka mean in English?

This can generally be translated as: (by line) O genki desu ka? How are you? Watashi ha genki desu. I am well. Anata ha daijoubu desu ka? Are you all right?

How do you formally introduce yourself in Japanese?

"namae" if you are talking about your name ex:my name is~watashi no namae WA (your name) desu. "o namae" if its someone else's name ex:what is your name?~anata WA o namae nan desu ka?

What is your name translated from English to Japanese?

anata no namae wa nan desu ka. ah-nah-tah noh nah-mah-eh wah nahn dehss kah

What is the Japanese translation for how are you?

genki desu ka or ikaga desu ka