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It should be read "Pax





- which in Latin means more or less "

Peace is with you my dear Evangelist"

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Q: What is the meaning of pax tibi mar ce Evan geli sta meus?
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What does the phrase 'Pax van tibi gel mar sta cee mevs' from the Carpaccio painting Il Leone marciano andante mean?

Look at the layout of words:You should read it: Pax tibi, Marce evangelista meus

What does tibi ibnoscitur mean?

"Tibi ibnoscitur" is not a phrase in Latin. It does not have a clear meaning or translation. It might be a misspelling or a made-up phrase.

When was Bassam Tibi born?

Bassam Tibi was born in 1944.

Say helpful to you in Latin?

Bonum tibi est = "It is good for you" Melius tibi est = "It is better for you" Optimum tibi est = "It is the best for you"

When was Tibi Clenci born?

Tibi Clenci was born on 1975-10-17.

When was Ahmad Tibi born?

Ahmad Tibi was born on 1958-12-19.

When was Tibi - fashion brand - created?

Tibi - fashion brand - was created in 1997.

When was Eytan Tibi born?

Eytan Tibi was born on 1987-11-16.

What is 'will be here for you' in Latin?

Some form of the verb adesse "to be present" is indicated, but which form depends on who's doing the "being here". Here are the possibilities (assuming you won't be here for you):I = tibi aderohe/she = tibi aderitwe = tibi aderimusthey = tibi aderuntIf the "you" in this sentence is supposed to be plural, replace tibi with vobis.

How do you translate 'eternal love' into Latin?

semper vester (male) -forever yours / semper vestra (female) -forever yours

What is the meaning of 'Num is sum qui mentiar tibi'?

The English meaning of 'Num is sum qui mentiar tibi' is Am I someone to lie to you? It even may be considered the Latin equivalent of Would I lie to you? In the word-by-word translation, the interrogative particle 'num' means 'is'. Its use is in the case of a direct question in which the expected answer is 'no'. The demonstrative pronoun 'is' means 'it'. The verb 'sum' means '[I] am'. The relative 'qui' means 'who'. The verb 'mentiar' means '[I] lie'. The personal pronoun 'tibi' means 'to you'.

What is the latin translation for thank you?

Gratias tibi ago (singular "you"); gratias vobis ago (plural "you").Thank you very much is:Ego tibi maximus gratias agoliterally meansi give you great thanksori give great thanks to you