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My understanding is that it means, "I Love You"

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A stamp does what to an envelope?

A stamp sends the envelope to the desired place.

What is the prepositional phrase in don't forget to put a stamp on the envelope?

on the envelope.

Where to put stamp on envelope?

The stamp goes on the upper right corner of the envelope.

What does it mean when a stamp use to be place upside down or sideways like flowers and stones this has a meaning all the way up to the 1960.?

when a postage stamp is placed upside down it means i love you

What is the prepositional phrase in Don't forget to put the stamp on the envelope?

on the envelope

What if the stamp is at the bottom of the envelope?

the position of the stamp on the envelope does not make a difference. there should be the proper number of stamps equivalent to the postal charge ,this can help to send the envelope to reach the destination . so it does not matter even if the stamp is at the bottom of it.

What is the meaning of a sideways stamp on a envelope?

well, upside- down stamp means do you remember me, or I miss you. Right- side up and completely straight means right back soon. upside down and tilted to the left, means don't write back, upside- down tilted to the right, means some where inside the letter on om it somewhere, you will leave a date ot instructing in code, or in some king of language system, when and how to send. sideways head pointing left or right usually has a romantic intention.

What is that liquid you put on the envelope and stamp it?


How do you send letters?

Get an address, buy a stamp and envelope, place letter in envelope, lick stamp, place stamp in top right corner of envelope, address written in the middle, return address top left corner. Then put it in the mailbox, preferrably with flag up.

How much is an Elvis first edition stamp on Graceland envelope with January 8th 1993 Memphis tn 38101 and signed by Priscilla Presley?

How much is Elvis Presley stamp with Graceland Stamp on Envelope

How do you send mail to England from New Zealand?

Put the correct amount of postage stamp on the envelope, address the envelope and then post the envelope.

Is it better to leave the stamps on the envelopes or to remove them?

It depends a great deal on the stamp and how old it is. If there is a special cancellation or cachet on the envelope, it is better to keep it on the envelope. The older the stamp the more likely that the envelop will have more value than the plain stamp. It is better to leave the stamps on the envelope because there is a postage mark that goes over the stamp. That will give the stamp more value.

What to you need to put on an envelope to pay for postage?

a stamp

Can DNA be found on an old envelope or stamp?


Can you cut the stamp off a pre paid envelope?

You can cut it off the envelope. However, it will not be valid for postage.

How many pages of paper can you mail for a forever stamp?

today, 1 envelope + 5 sheets of paper + the stamp = forever stamp

How many stamps are needed to send a birthday card from gloversville NY to Honolulu Hawaii?

One. If you're just putting a stamp on an envelope, the rate covers the whole of the United States.

What sits in a corner but travels around the world?

a stamp on an envelope

What did the stamp say to the envelope on Valentine's Day?

im stuck on you (:

When do you need to put a stamp on an envelope?

Prior to posting the letter.

What stamp do I need for 8 x 5 envelope?

That is the simplest question, what stamp do I need for 8x5 envelope? But there are millions of questions and answers and articles, but not the only answer (previous US$0.80) how much now.

Why does a stamp have to go on the right side of the envelope?

It is the way the automatic sorting machines are set up. If the stamp is somewhere else, the envelope gets kicked out and has to be manually sorted. That can slow the letter down.

How can i know the stamp old if it's not written on it?

You will know a stamp is old if it's not written on by whether it will stick to the envelope or not.

What lives in a corner but travels the world?

it is easy! A stamp! A stamp sits in the corner of an envelope, but it travels anywhere in the world!

How much does it cost to mail a regular envelope?

It currently costs 44 cent to mail a regular envelope, which is the price for a stamp.

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