What is the meaning of the colors of nautical stars?

i don't know much about them i know that they do mean something though but i know that the red and black is the chaos star


Originally the first tattoo inks used consisted of black ash or soot from a campfire. As tattoo inks started to evolved different mineral pigments were used to give color, mainly cobalt for blue and iron oxide for red. Most of the time for early mariners these were the only pigments available. Later on as the evolution of tattoo ink progressed and more colors were being created the blue and red pigments came to have symbolism to the superstitious beliefs of early sailors. The symbol of a star has always been deeply ingrained in maritime tradition because sailors would use the stars to navigate (((while sailors rushed around on the deck of a ship performing there duties sometimes they would get disoriented and forget which side was left and right, so they started marking the right side of ships with a black star hence the term "starboard"))) According to maritime superstition and lore a red and black nautical star is symbolic of the north star and sailors would tattoo themselves with this symbol believing that it would guide them home safely. A blue and black nautical star is symbolic of a sailors loyalty and love for the sea.