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The literal meaning is that the actor is ignoring the directions in the script and is making things up. The figurative meaning is anyone who is doing things that are not the traditional way, or are not as directed. Another way to say this would be "making it up as you go along," or "flying by the seat of your pants."

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What is the meaning of the phrase what's up?

How's it going? Or someone may be talking about the sky.

What is the meaning of the phrase''to be down to earth''?

Stop going around with your head in the clouds.

What is Ke pasa in Spanish?

its a phrase meaning "whats up?" or "whats going on?" or "whats happening?"

What is flight out?

I usually hear this phrase like e.g. "a flight out of Vancouver" meaning that there is a plane going out of the city.

What is the meaning of the idiom 'Hold on to your hat'?

It was a phrase. "Hold on to your hat, there is going to be a bumpy road ahead"!

What does can't win for losing mean?

"Can't win for losing" is a phrase meaning that things would be going great for you if they weren't going so badly. It is a colloquial phrase typically heard in the Midwestern parts of the United States.

What is the meaning of the phrase went hand in hand?

going together. (politics and honesty cannot go hand in hand}

What is the meaning of the phrase-myriad manifestations?

the meaning of the phrase myriad manifestation is-countless evidence

What is the meaning of the phrase potential employee?

This is the truth i promise a potential employee is someone that wants to work somewhere and are probably going to!

Do you use I or me when talking about yourself and someone else Example Jason and I are going away or Is it Jason and me are going away?

Jason and I is accepted. The reason this works is the phrase 'Jason and' modifies the intention of the sentence:" I am going". You can put the word "we" instead of the phrase and it makes sense, and does not lose its meaning. The reason to use the phrase 'Jason and' is to give a fuller picture of who is going and where they are going together. In any case, the sentence would never be " Me am going away." therefore, is is unacceptable to use 'me' .

What is a compound phrase?

A phrase that is compound. Meaning two or more.

Y como te va?

The meaning of the Spanish phrase 'y como te va' can be translated as 'how is it going with you.' It has the same meaning as if a person were to ask you 'como estas', which means 'how are you'.

What is the meaning of the phrase 'miss the boat'?

To 'miss the boat' means that one doesn't understand what is going on or that one loses out on an opportunity.

What is meaning of phrase to be or not to be?

That is the question

What is the meaning of the phrase that was all there was to it?


What is the meaning of the phrase not in relationship?

The meaning of the phrase not in a relationship means that two people are not a couple. That they are not dating. That they are single/ free.

What is the meaning of the phrase 'turned blue'?

That's easy! Its a phrase.

Who started the phrase you are going to Disneyland?

the phrase is were going to disneyland, and you say it when you earn somthing or do something good.

Is the phrase is going a subject or predicate?

is going is a verb phrase.present tense be verb + present participle

What does the phrase I am going to lick you mean?

You are going to get licked.

What is the meaning of kฤซanga?

It is a phrase or an expression.

What is the Latin phrase meaning as below?

The Latin phrase for "as below" is "ut infra."

What is the origin of the phrase get-go?

The phrase first appeared in the mid-1960s in African-American slang, and "get-go" is simply a transformation of the verbal phrase "get going" into a noun form meaning "the starting point, the beginning." Subsequent mutations include "from the git-go" and "from the get (or git)."

What is the meaning of in lighter vein?

It is a trasition phrase to signal that someone is now going to speak about something less serious than he/she has just been doing.

Is who squeezed the cat a idiom?

Yes. An idiom is a phrase or expression whose meaning is figurative rather than literal. The phrase has a meaning other than the usual meaning of the words.