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Q: What is the meaning of the world ISO's in Greek?
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How do you write yes in greek?

To write the word yes in Greek you write vai. To write the word no in Greek you spell it as ochi, and maybe is isos.

What does the prefix iso mean?

The prefix iso- is derived from the Greek word isos. It means equal.

What is an atom with a different number of neutrons than protons?

Isotopes are atoms with a different number of neutrons than protons and electrons. The word isotope comes from the Greek words "isos" meaning equal and "topos" meaning place. Isotope means "same place".

When was Ecsenius isos created?

Ecsenius isos was created in 1976.

What is the meaning of the world Bible?

A collection of books in Greek.

What is the Greek root for cosmopolitan?

Cosmo is the Greek root word for cosmopolitan.

What actors and actresses appeared in Isos - 1990?

The cast of Isos - 1990 includes: Vina Mitsi Pantelis Vitsaras

Where can you get good PlayStation isos?

i am fluffy penguin and playstation isos doesnt exist. too good 4 u

How did the isosceles trignale get its name?

Assuming that trignale is a curious way of spelling triangle, isosceles means with equal legs from the Greek isos = equal and skelos = leg. The Greek isoskeles changed to the Latin isosceles and that is how it has remained.

What is the Greek meaning of the prefix ween?

It is not Greek and has no Greek meaning.

What is the difference between isobaric and isochoric process?

An isobaric process is a thermodynamic-processin which the pressure stays constant: Δp = 0 The term derives from the Greek isos, meaning "equal," and barus, "heavy." The heat transferred to the system does work but also changes the internal energy of the system:

How did the isosceles triangle receive its name?

An isosceles triangle has at least two equal sides. It's name is derived from the Greek isos which means equal and skelos which means legs. The current spelling comes from the translation from Greek to Latin.