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Wika means language.

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Q: What is the meaning of wika in Tagalog?
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Meaning of tagalog word wika?

The answer is "language" or "mother tongue" or "dialect".

Meaning of wika in tagalog?

Wika is the dialect. To describe wika in Tagalog: Ang wika ay ang pananalita. Ito ang pinakamahalagang pamamaraan ng komunikasyon ng bawat tao. Sa pamamagitan ng wika, ang bawat tao ay nagkakaintindihan at nagkakaunawan.

What is the origin of the word wika?

The word wika is the Tagalog word for language. Tagalog is spoken in the Philippines.

What is the Tagalog translation of language?

Tagalog translation of language: wika

What is the tagalog term of language?


What is ''buwan ng wika''?

Tagalog Translation of "BUWAN NG WIKA: Language month

Can you give me a tagalog essay about buwan ng wika?


Ano ang batayan ng ating pambansang wika ng pilipinas?

Tagalog ang wika ng Filipino

Mga iba't-ibang wika at dayalektong naisasalita sa region 2?


Ano ang 2 kategurya ng wika ng Filipino?

tagalog,,and cebuano.

What is the meaning of relation in Tagalog?

meaning of relation in Tagalog: relasyon

What the Tagalog meaning of Jehovah?

Tagalog meaning of Jehovah: Panginoon

What is the Tagalog meaning of autonomous?

Tagalog meaning of autonomous: autonomya

Wika sa Pilipinas at kung saang lugar sa Pilipinas ito ginagamit?


Diagram ng wikang Tagalog-wikang Filipino-wikang Filipino?

diagram ng wika

What is the meaning of kabanata in Tagalog?

meaning of kabanata in Tagalog: It is chapter in English.

What is wouldn't meaning Tagalog?

Tagalog meaning of wouldn't - hindi magagawa

What is the meaning of kawaksi in Tagalog?

meaning of kawaksi in Tagalog: kasangga or partner

In tagalog dictionary what is the meaning of inungutan?

other meaning of inungutan in tagalog

Meaning of weak in Tagalog?

Meaning of WEAK in Tagalog: mahina

What is the meaning of consistent in Tagalog?

meaning of consistent in Tagalog: walang pagbabago

What is meaning of satire in Tagalog?

meaning of satire in Tagalog: uyam

What is the meaning of a word silly in Tagalog?

meaning of silly in Tagalog: hangal

What the meaning of clever in tagalog?

what is the tagalog of circumtance

What is the tagalog of english?