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Worker compensation is what someone receives when they have been injured or otherwise caused harm by doing their job normally. If someone is caused mental or physical harm at their work, their employer gives them financial or other compensation for this.

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Q: What is the meaning of worker compensation?
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Is it a state law in Kentucky to have worker compensation insurance on 1 employee?

is it a law in kentucky to have worker compensation on only 1 employee

What are the benefits of workers' compensation?

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Can injured illegal migrant receive worker compensation benefits in Australia?

Yes, they can apply for worker compensation but it's depends on how much% of impairment in body.

Is worker's compensation a part of OSHA?

No. Worker's Compenstation is completely separate form OSHA. Worker's Compensation is run by each state under its own legislation. OSHA is a US Federal Agency.

What is a worker compensation lawyer?

A worker compensation lawyer is a lawyer that represents a worker in a suit against the employer. This may arise if a worker get hurt on the job, is discriminated against, sexually abused, etc.. They are useful because they specify in this area of the law.

Where can I find worker compensation lawyers in New York?

Worker compensation lawyers in New York can be found at this website here:

Which state was the last to enact worker's compensation?

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How do you use compensation?

I can give you several sentences.He applied for worker's compensation after his injury.Do you expect compensation for this work?"You may be entitled to compensation!" (from a TV advert about a lawyer)

Does a person drawing workers comp have to file taxes?

If worker's compensation is your only income for you and your family then no you don't have to file taxes. Worker's Compensation is not taxable on Federal Income Taxes.

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