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The mechanical advanteage of a two movable pulley and two fixed pulleys is 4.

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Q: What is the mechanical advantage if there are two fixed pulleys and two movable pulleys?
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How do you find the mechanical advantage of a pulley?

Movable PULLEYS: it is the # of ropes supporting the load Block and Tackle PULLEYS: it is the # of ropes supporting the load fixed PULLEYS: MA=1

What is the mechanical advantage for fixed pulleys?

The IMA (ideal mechanical advantage, conceptually similar to mechanical advantage) of any fixed pulley is equal to the number of axels used by the pulley.

Why does a fixed pulley have a mechanical advantage of one and a movable pulley has a mechanical advantage of two?

a fixed pulley can only be used for leverage whereas a single movable pulley can be used for both leverage and the mobility of that object giving it one more mechanical advantage.

What are the two kinds of pulleys?

Movable and fixed.

What are fixed and movable pulleys?

Fixed pulleys have their center point fixed. i.e. they can only have rotary motion and no linear movement. Movable pulleys do not have their center point fixed, and are free to have translatory as well as rotary motion

What is a system of pulleys consisting of fixed and movable pulleys?

A compound pulley

How is a fixed pulley different from a movable pulley?

A fixed pulley is different from a movable pulley because a movable pulley has one end of the rope attached to it fixed on an unmoving object. The pulley is free to move with the rope. You pull the other end of the rope. Also, a movable pulley multiplies the applied force (effort force) and therefore has more mechanical advantage. A fixed pulley is attached to something that doesn't move, while one end of the rope is holding the weight, while the other is for pulling.A fixed pulley confers no mechanical advantage, but will convert motion in one direction into another direction.A movable pulley system, if the pulleys change their distance from each other, will confer a mechanical advantage.

What is the system of pulleys consisting of fixed and movable pulleys called?

Block and tackle (:

What it is a combined pulley?

fixed and movable pulleys can be combined.

What are 2 kinds of pulleys?

Two kinds of pulleys are the fixed pulley and the movable pulley

What are the types of pulleys?

movable single multiple fixed inclined

What are 2 different kinds of pulleys?

single fixed pulley, single movable pulley and single fixed and movable pulley. :-)

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