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Q: What is the medical term for abnormally turbulent blood flow?
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What is the medical term meaning soft swishing sound caused by turbulent blood flow is?

A murmur or bruit is a blowing sound caused by turbulent blood flow in the heart or blood vessel, respectively.

What is the type of turbulent flow of blood that can be heard in the neck?


Sounds of turbulent blood flow that occur when blood flow resumes in an artery that has been occluded is what?

Korotkoff sound

What is turbulent flow?

Turbulent flow

An irregular fluid flow is what?

Irregular Fluid Flow is called Turbulent Flow! I hope this helped! :D

What happen if Reynolds number is increased?

flow become turbulent. for ex. if Re <2000 flow is turbulent and if Re >4000 flow is turbulent and if RE is in between these values the flow is in transition region

What is the Medical term meaning flow through?

Hemodynamic means pertaining to the flow of blood.

What is the medical term meaning stoppage or sluggishness of blood flow?

Hemostasis is the medical term that means stoppage or sluggishness of blood flow.

How is turbulent flow different from laminar flow?


Would you prefer turbulent flow or laminar flow for whitewater rafting?

As we know, whitewater rafting is in water, in which turbulent flow would be best in the case. Generally because the water will NOT be straight, and this activity is where the water flow is rather rough then smooth. Overall, turbulent flow is best used in this scenario.

Why poiseuille equation not applied to turbulent flow?

Coz poiseuille eq is for poiseuille flow, which is a laminar flow, not turbulent flow. And it also need to be a fully developed , pressure driven flow.

What are some examples of turbulent flow?

a block, Ping Pong ball or golf ball, kite, or simply running in the shallow pool. There are alot of things that have turbulent flow..... ping pong balls do not have turbulent flow nor does golf balls it has laminar flow things that have turbulent flow would be a bus, a hand out the window in a y axis or just a simple building or sky scrapper basically anything with a flat surface has turbulent flow