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it was made in 1933

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The poem "Weary Will" by Banjo Paterson conveys a message about the hard and lonely life of a drover in the Australian outback. It highlights the isolation, hardships, and resilience of these men who work tirelessly to drive cattle across vast distances. The poem ultimately celebrates the dedication and endurance of the drover despite the challenges he faces.

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Q: What is the message of weary will banjo Patterson poem?
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Who wrote the poem in the droving days?

Banjo Patterson

Who wrote the poem called the Clancy of the overflow?

Banjo Patterson :)

What trophies or achievements did Banjo Patterson get for The Man from Snowy River?

Banjo Paterson received no awards or special merit for the poem The Man From Snowy River.

When was the poem 'Mulga bill's bicycle' written?

Mulga Bill's Bicycle was written in 1896 by Andrew Barton (Banjo) Patterson.

Where was Waltzing Matilda established?

Waltzing Matilda is a poem and a song which was first performed at the North Gregory Hotel in Winton, Queensland.

What type of poem is Any other time by banjo Paterson?

Lyric poem

Who wrote the poem Clancy of the overflow?

banjo Paterson

Who wrote the Australian poem The Dingo Pup?

Banjo Paterson

What is Banjo Paterson's most famous poem?

Waltzing Matilda

Who wrote the humorous poem the man from ironbark?

A.B Banjo Paterson

In the poem Ode to Helen the weary wayworn wanderer is an allusion to whom?


Which Australian poem begins 'there was movement at the station?

The Australian poem that begins with "there was movement at the station" is "The Man from Snowy River" by Banjo Paterson. This iconic poem tells the story of a daring horseback chase in the Australian outback.