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Your browning lever action 22 was made in 1976.

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Q: What is the mfg date of a Browning lever action 22 cal SN07589RT126?
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How do you tell how old a browning 308 lever action rifle made in belgium is?

You can contact Browning Customer Service through their website, or look up date of manufacture on same website.

What is date of mfr for browning 338 win mag bolt action with ser?

You must call Browning with the serial number.

What is the value and date of a browning belgium 7mm serial number 58627L70?

Your browning safari bolt action rifle was made in 1970.

How do you date or find the model of a Belgian-made Browning bolt action with serial number L10965 if you have tried the website and it does not match anything there?

Contact Browning and have it lettered.

What is the date of a browning 30 06 bolt action rifle made in belgium with the serial number 5L31188?

1965 mauser action safari grade

Did Bow Wow date Logan Browning?

no bowwow did not date Logan browning

What is the manufacture date of a browning high power bolt action rifle safari grade serial number 15650 Z73?

Browning's web site has a sn search function.

What is the date of manufacture on marlin 30as lever action rifle 13085758?

Your Marlin rifle was made in the year 1987.

How many Winchester lever action rifles patent date 1894 SN439038 32 caliber were made?


Where can you find the manufacture date for a Belgium Browning the serial is 124163?

Use the link to date this Browning

How do you date a browning pistol?

Go to the Browning link below and date the gun by serial number.

How do you date a browning sweet 16?

Go to Browning's site, click on Support then date your firearm.

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