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A regulation full size indoor soccer field is measured 180 by 80 feet. The recommended indoor height is at least 6.1 meters.

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What is the min height of an indoor football field?

For the field there are no height regulations.

What is the vertical height clearance required for indoor middle school basketball?

According to Architectural Graphic Standards the min. height clearance is 20'-0", but 25'-0" is preferable.

How long is a soccer field from goal line to goal line?

For regular matches, the min. is 90 meters to 120 meters. for International matches, the min. is 100 meters to 110 metersmax.

What is the average time of running 1.5 miles indoor track?

11 min - men 13 min - woman

Price of an indoor swimming pool?

Min 50k.. Hope that helps

What is the time limit on an indoor tanning bed?

about 20 to 30 min

Do soccer players play for 2 hr?

The total time is 45 min + 45 min = 90 min.

How big is a soccer field for age 12?

Field sizes must conform to the sizes set out below: Age Group 11-12 Min Width 42 meters Max Width 55 meters Min Length 60 meters Max Length 75 meters

How long and how wide is a soccer field?

Length 100 yds minimum/130 max, width 75 yards min./80 max. official size.

What does Min stand for in soccer stats?

in means minutes

What is three-ninths of a soccer game?

if there is normal time so 90 min, then the answer is 30 min.

What are all soccer players doing right this min?


How tall do bloodhounds get?

The min. height is 23 inches and the max. height is 27 inches

What is min ho of shinee's height?

He is 181cm tall

What is the min length of football field?


Do you have to be a certain height to be a sniper rifle man?

Min height required to join the branch of service.

How long does an average professional soccer player play?

30 min

What is the first 45 min of a soccer game called?

First Half

What would the referee do if a substitute ran onto the field before the referee waived the player on or said it was okay to come onto the field in a soccer game?

You would be issued a blue card 2 min for to many men and maybe an unsportsmanlike conduct. Blue cards are shown in the Indoor soccer leagues. If this is a match at the professional level (MLS, EUFA, English Premier, etc), most likely the substitute would be shown the yellow card for entering the field without the referee's permission. The college level referee would most likely have the same response. In the high school leagues, there tends to be a little more leniency. Perhaps a verbal warning would suffice. In the AYSO level of play, there is even more leniency. I referee with AYSO, club soccer, high school and indoor. But remember, it is the discretion of the referee at the time the substitute enters the field as to what he decides to do. There are a lot of factors to consider before showing a card to a player. Hope this helps.

How long do you have to work out a day to become a professional soccer player?

1 min. ----

How long is a u10 soccer game?

here in southwick ma its 40 min

How many hours a soccer game played?

1 hour and 30 min.....

How long are varsity soccer games halves?

45 min each half

What is lee min ho height?

Tall. About 6 ft or taller

How old do you have to be to play club soccer?

13 is the min in the national junior but 18 for the senior