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At least two subjects at A level or one A and two AS levels, at least five GCSEs which include English Language, Mathematics and a double award at science, or a separate science such as Physics or Chemistry.

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Q: What is the minimal qualifications to be an architect?
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What are the qualifications of an architect?

There are many qualifications that need to be met by an architect. These qualifications include being accurate in math calculations.

Are there minimal qualifications for investors in foreign exchange?

There are none.

What do clients want in an architect?

Clients wants in an architect will include:experiencequalificationsprofessionalismbusiness knowledgecommunication skills

What qualifications does an architect need?

one a level and one gcse in history lolacaust

What qualifications can one have to be a building architects?

The qualifications one can have to be a building architect is generally a degree from a university or college. The degree would be in architecture. One should also have experience in the field.

What is the age limit to study bachelor of architect?

As far as I know, there is no age limit to study anything. As long as you have the academic/experiential qualifications to be accepted into a program, you're in!

Who was architect?

architect is a job

How does someone become an architect?

a person becomes an architect by becoming an architect

What is a Colonial Architect?

A colonial architect is some one who is colonial and is a architect!

Who was the architect of Tehri dam?

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How are committee chairpersons selected?

Each committee usually holds elections to select a chairperson. The chairperson only has to meet certain prescribed minimal qualifications to vie for a chairperson's seat.

What is a salary of an architect?

What is the salary of an architect?

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What are the minimum qualifications for federal jobs?

In order to secure a position for a Federal job one must meet requirements such as the proper experience, a high school diploma, GED or even a College Degree. Based off your preferred line of work, one can determine what the minimal qualifications for the position is.

Is an associated architect the same as an architect?

An "associated architect" just means that the architect is associated with an architecture firm, but is not yet a partner. Any Architect who is employed by another architect or firm is consider an Associate, until they become an owner/partner. Licenced Architect can be either a partner or an associated architect. Unlicensed architects (hold architectural degrees or certificates only) will often use the term Associate Architect because they rely on a Licenced Architect to overview and Sign & Seal their drawings.

Is minimal a noun?

No, minimal is an adjective, a word that describes a noun; for example minimal effort or minimal care.

Where is a HorseIsle architect?

Vern in Tropicton is an architect.

When was My Architect created?

My Architect was created in 2003.

Is 'architect' a proper noun?

No. "Architect" is a generic noun, and is not capitalized when used in a sentence.

Qualifications to be a architect?

At least two subjects at A level or one A and two AS levels, at least five GCSEs which include English Language, Mathematics and a double award at science, or a separate science such as Physics or Chemistry.

About how much does an architect get paid?

Architect I- $38,053.50 Average.

Who was the architect of mt.rushmore?

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Who is the architect of the wonderworks buildings?

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