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What is the minimum GPA requirement to get into the Arizona State University?


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There is no minimum GPA if you have/make connections, think outside the box and don't worry about your GPA.

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Answer:The minimum GPA requirement to get in Southern Polytechnic State University is: Average ACT score:18GPA score:2.5

There is no 'Phoenix State University' in Arizona. There are the University of Arizona, Arizona State University, University of Phoenix, and Northern Arizona University, among a few others.

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Phoenix, Arizona. The state is Arizona.

At least a 3.75,weight. As for SATs 1100 or better. No..The minimum GPA is a 2.0

Article 5 of the Arizona state constitution sets the minimum age at 25.

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Arizona State University Art Museum was created in 1950.

Arizona State University at the Tempe campus was created in 1885.

Arizona State University at the Polytechnic campus was created in 1996.

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