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Overall, the average GPA for those admitted was 4.23 and the average SAT I score was 1337.

Actually in 2007, for transfer students at least, the average admitted GPA was a 3.55. As for recent times, such as 2008 and 2009, the consesus is similar to that of 2007. For freshman applicants in 2007, the average GPA accepted was 3.88, not a 4.23. Even though, there were those who had a 4.23 GPA who got accepted, but the average was much lower than stated in the previous answer.

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For Fall 2007, the average undergraduate GPA of admitted applicants was 3.44. The AVERAGE GPA varies by program within the Graduate School of Education.

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average is 1.2GPA (D) this depends if your school accept D's, or 2.0 (B) and above.

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IT is 3.0 but it should be the weighted grade on a-g coursesapproved by UC. Also, you are allowed to add only 8 semester points on your Honor classes.

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Q: What is the minimum GPA to get into UC Berkley?
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3.0 is the minimum GPA requirement to APPLY for any of the UC schools.

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At UC Berkley, jobs that require prior knowledge to the medical field medical and business field are available. The salaries at UC Berkley vary from < $30,000 to > $250,000.

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Unless you are extraordinary in sports, your chances are that of zero. The average UC Berkeley GPA is 4.18 and even UC Davis is a 4.0. Plus, the minimum required high school GPA is a 3.0. I have a 4.17 average and I still worry about getting into Berkeley.

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Denis Grosz, a graduate of UC Berkley.

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From the UCSC website:Establish an Acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA)California residents need a minimum GPA of 3.00. Nonresidents of California need a minimum GPA of 3.40. The GPA is only calculated on courses meeting the "a-g" requirements in the 10 th , the 11 th , and, if completed, the 12 th grade. See the UC Eligibility Index chart on this page for further information.Although this answer is true, truth is getting into a UC school is extremely competitive these days. It's true 3.5 tends to be a little low for UC entrance but I think you will have no problem getting into UC Merced or UC Riverside. Then again I don't know what you got on your SAT, what your extracurriculars are or how many AP/honors classes you've taken so basing your entrance on GPA alone is not gonna cut it. If you have strong extracurriculars, lots of AP/honors classes or a high SAT score then you could have a good chance of getting into UC Santa Cruz and perhaps UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, and UC Irvine. However, if you are just basing this question off your GPA, I would say UC Merced and UC Riverside would be your choices. Good luck!

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MIT and UC Berkley are generally considered the top two nano and microtechnology universities by their peers. On the other hand Small Times (a very well-known nanotechnology magazine) ranks Penn State University as the top nanotechnology research school (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), University at Albany SUNY as the top university in nanotechnology education (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10) and facilities (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10), and Arizona State University as the top university in nanotechnology commercialization (MIT and UC Berkley not in top 10). For a more complete list of rankings, see the attached article from Small Times.

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UCLA and UC Berkley are considered to be the top two, but UCSD and UCI come in at pretty close third and fourth.

What is the average high school GPA to get into UC Irvine?

There isn't really a set GPA requirements. Generally, UC Irvine will look at all aspects, past GPA, like your SAT/ACT score, community service, school involvement, and other activities such as sports. It helps to have a high GPA, but really there is no bare minimum because honestly, it's hard to compare GPAs between schools, since each school does it differently. I would say if you held mostly a B and A average throughout high school, you have a great chance. It may be helpful to check the UC Irvine Profile.