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It depends on the kind of sugar you are talking about. If you are talking about glucose or fructose, the molecular formula is C6H12O6 (glucose and fructose only differ in structure but have the same formula). Sucrose, which is common table sugar, has the molecular formula C12H22O11.

Scientifically, the word "sugar" is used for any mono- or di-saccharide. Sugar added in food is called sucrose. Sugar naturally found in fruit is called fructose.

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Q: What is the molecular formula of sugar?
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Sugar molecular formula?

The molecular formula of sugar is c12h22o11

Molecular formula sugar?


What is the molecular formula of processed sugar?

Which sugar? sucrose - C12H22O11

What is the compound of sugar?

Table sugar is sucrose, and has the molecular formula C12H22O11

What is the molecular formula of sugar substitute?

Saccharin has a molecular formula of C7H5NO3S. Splenda has the chemical formula of C12H19Cl3O8. It is also called sucralose. Aspartame has the chemical formula of C14H18N2O5.

What is the molecular formula for powdered sugar?

C6 H12 O6

What is the sugar with the molecular formula of C6 H12 O6 called?


Why is sugar a pure substance?

Sugar is a pure substance because it has a definite composition. Its molecular formula is C12H22O11.

What is the molecular formula of galactose?

The molecular formula of galactose is C6H12O6. Galactose is usually found in lactose, disaccharide, or milk sugar. It also can be found in peas as the monosaccharide.

C6h12o6 is the formula for which organic group?

This is the formula for glucose. The molecular formula C6H12O6 is a carbohydrate or simple sugar. It also is a product of the photosynthesis process.

What do two sugar isomer have in common?

If they're isomers, they by definition have the same molecular formula.

Whose molecular formula is C6H22O6?


What substances make up sugar?

Sugar(C12H22O11) is a complex form of glucose and fructose, both of which have molecular formula of C6H12O6 .

What is the chemical formula of maltose?

Maltose or malt sugar, is a disaccharide formed from two units of glucoseThe molecular formula is:C12H22O11

Is table sugar a pure substance?

Yes. Its molecular formula is C12H22O11. Only pure substances can have an exact chemical formula.

What does the molecular formula C6H12O6 refer to?

This molecular formula is glucose. This is the sugar our bodies need. C6 meaning 6 atoms of carbon, H12 for twelve atoms of hydrogen and O6 for six atoms of oxygen all make up this vital sugar.

Is H2O a molecular formula or formula unit?

a molecular formula

Define emperical formula and molecular formula?

Molecular formula is the actual representation of the constitution of the substancewhile Empirical formula is the simplest representation of the molecular formula.Molecular formula= Empirical formula*n(where n= Molecular weight/Empirical formula weight)Example :-EtheneMolecular formula =C2H4Empirical formula=CH2here CH2 is the simplest representation of molecular formula of Ethene.

What is the molecular formula of microwave?

The microwave does not have a molecular formula. It is the foods that we heat in a microwave that has the molecular formula.

What is the difference between empirical and molecular formula?

Empirical formulas show the simplest whole number ratio of these atoms. Molecular formulas show the actual ratio of atoms in the compound. For example: Glucose is the a simple sugar whose molecular formula is C6H12O6 Its empirical formula would be CH2O which would be its molecular formula divided by the smallest whole number. Chemical Name Hydrogen peroxide Empirical Formula HO Molecular Formula H2O2 chemical name Benzene empirical formula CH molecular formula C6H6 remember that several compounds can have the same empirical formula

Has chemical formula C12H22O11?

The molecular formula C12 H22 O11 is for DISCCHARIDES (sugars) -three different sugars - with different molecular structures, BUT ONLY ONE: molecular formula : 1. Lactose 2. Sucrose 3. Maltose The three sugars all have the same formula , but the structure represents the combination of two sugars - that is they are Discaccharide Type Sugars (dis,as two). to identify the formula -to a particular sugar we must know how it is structured as : LACTOSE= GLUCOSE + GALACTOSE FRUCTOSE = GLUCOSE + FRUCTOSE MALTOSE = GLUCOSE + GLUCOSE Sugar is Sugar by formula but not by structure.

What is the molecular formula for ehtanol and ethylene?

The molecular formula for Ethanol is CH3CH2OH The molecular formula for Ethylene is C2H4

Is C4H10 an empirical formula or a molecular formula for butane?

This is a molecular formula.

What is the molecular formula and molecular weight of cholesterol?

the molecular formula for cholesterol is C27H46O

What is the molecular formula of C4H4O?

C4H4O is the molecular formula