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The average monthly salary of a NASA astronaut is about nine thousand five hundred and eighty three dollars. That is approximately one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars a year.

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Q: What is the monthly salary for a NASA astronaut?
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What is the monthly salary of an nasa astronaut?


What is astronaunt salary paid each take off?

An astronaut takes home a salary of $64,724(NASA astronaut).

How much money does a astronaut make per day?

---- == ==----An astronaut(a NASA astronaut) earns a minimum salary of $64,724.

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John Glenn was a NASA astronaut.

What is the weekly salary for a NASA astronaut?

There isn't any one answer, since many aren't NASA employees. Many, for example, are active-duity military officers, each with a different rank and different time in service.

Who was the astrophysicist and NASA astronaut?

Curt Michel, an astrophysicist, trained with NASA to be an astronaut (as well as other training), though he never flew in space.

What did guion bluford do?

He is a retired NASA astronaut.

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Yes Indian can get in NASA as astronauts should they meet the NASA Astronaut program requirements. NASA does accept people born outside of the United States as astronaut candidates though American citizenship is required.

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