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It is a series of 3 books about a family whose parents were mistaken for terrorist helpers. While there parents were in prison, the kids are on the run. Eventually they are all reunited. Then the younger sister gets kidnapped and they search for her. A blogger helps the family and is in contact with the people who abducted the younger sister Meg. The older brother Aiden, searches for her and eventually leaves on a hunch he has and gets one of the main investigators to believe him. They go to another state to look for her. While the blogger says that the kidnappers want x amount of money, he takes the parents to where Aiden and the cop are. The nice kidnapper, whom she calls Mickey, because he had a Mickey Mouse mask on when he, and the two other kidnappers abducted her, gave her a nail file to undo the ropes that held her wrists together. She runs off into the snowy mountains and eventually Aiden finds her. At the end, they realize that the blogger and the kidnappers are all Falcon Family haters and plan to kill them in a mine shaft. Of course it has a happy ending where they all get out alive and the kidnappers and the blogger go to jail.

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In the book "Kidnapped" by Gordon Korman, the mood is tense and suspenseful as the protagonist, Aiden, navigates being kidnapped and trying to escape while also uncovering the truth about his family. The mood shifts to intense and urgent as Aiden's situation becomes more dangerous and he tries to outsmart his captors.

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Q: What is the mood in the book kidnapped by Gordon korman?
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