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If you are talking about the book, the mood is very mixed in the story. There are points in the story where it's sad, happy, romantic, humorous, and many other things all at once. The rush of the story is exhilirating.

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Q: What is the mood in twilight?
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What is the mood for twilight?

i would say that the mood for twilight is mysterious and romantic $)

What is the overall mood of twilight?

The overrall mood in twilight is a happy mood. I mean there isn't really much to be sad about or to be angry about. There may be a part when you are surprised, but other than that its a good book.

Who can change your mood in the movie Twilight?

Jasper Hale

What power does Jasper Hale have in twilight?

Mood Control :D

What is the tone or mood for Twilight?

The mood is Romantic and also can be happy and sad. There are a lot of different moods in this amazing book

What was Meyer's mood in writing Twilight?

Meyer said that Twilight was a dream that she had. If it wasn't for that dream at all the Twilight series wouldn't be alive right now.

What is the mood of the story twilight eclipse?

just to save bella from victoria

How is music used in twilight?

music is used to show mood and how the character / characters are feeling

What is the mood in the book twilight?

Hard to say... the mood seems to be neutral in the beginning then changes to very romantic, but then it is all action but then it goes back to romance so it is a mix of moods

In the book twilight what does Bella ask edward to warn her about during lunch?

she asks him to warn her when he changes his mood xoxo

What is the mood of the book twilight when is starts?

Bella seems to be deppressed and annoyed at the thought of forks even though it was her decision

What is bellas favorite color?

In the first book, twilight, she states that her favorite colour changes from day to day depending on her mood.

What is bellas favorite color in twilight?

It depends. Someetimes it's brown, sometimes grey, sometimes something else. I think she bases her favourite color on the weather, or her mood.

What is Bella Swan's favorite color in twilight?

She told Edward that her favorite color on that scene was brown because she felt warm. But her favorite color changes when her mood changes.

Alice Cullen may not be hyper but she is such a very friendly person in twilight right?

While she is generally very happy, hyper, and in the mood to shop, yes, she is a very nice person.

What was Stephenie Meyer's tone or mood in twilight?

Its a romantic/suspense theme. The romance is obviously between Edward and Bella, and the suspense is between the good vampires/ werewolves and the bad vampires.

If you are having huge mood swings is it mood swings?

Yup. A mood swing is a mood swing.

What is the primary mood of New Moon in The Twilight Saga?

Ehh, well, that movie basically has two different moods, just to narrow it down Once Edward and his family had left, the mood was very depressing. And once Bella had started letting Jake inside againg, the mood began slowly but gradually brighting up. Then the news comes that Edward's gone to try to committ suicide based upon something untrue that was said, the mood quickly fades back to depressing.

What is the mood in So B It?

The mood is that the person is rude(mean mood)

What is a mood lamp?

a mood lamp is a lamp that can change a mood in a room

Do mood rings accurtely change a person's mood?

Mood rings reflect the change in your skin temperature. Nothing more, and nothing less. Mood rings are made to figure out what mood you are in, not to change your mood.

What is a mood that starts with the letter 'm'?

morose mood maudlin mood

Which is correct Depends in your mood or depends on your mood?

The way you drive depend in your mood

What is the mood of manang biday?

the mood of manang biday is HAPPY

What is Jaspers power in twilight?

He can control the moods of people surrounding him example: in New Moon (the movie) he controls Bella's mood so she will agree to go to her birthday party and make Alice happy