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Q: What is the mood of the slave dancer?
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What is the ISBN of The Slave Dancer?

The ISBN of The Slave Dancer is 0878880623.

How many pages does The Slave Dancer have?

"The Slave Dancer" by Paula Fox has 192 pages.

When was The Slave Dancer created?

The Slave Dancer was created in 1974-11.

Who wrote the book The slave dancer?

Paula Fox wrote The Slave Dancer.

In slave dancer what did the slave traders tell Jessie?


What is the crisis in the slave dancer?

being kiddnapped

Who is the major characters in the slave dancer?


What concerns jessie left behind in slave dancer?

There is a few things that concerned Jessie in the book Slave Dancer. His biggest concern was staying alive.

Why was Jessie in the slave dancer going to his aunt?


What is the plot in the slave dancer?

the coming of age for jessie

Why does Jessie hate the slaves in the book the slave dancer?

He didn't

What is the book the slave dancer about?

Fox has a spellbinding tale of suspense and survival.