What is the most biologically diverse biome on earth?


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the tropical rainforest

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The least biologically diverse biome in the world is the tundra. The most biologically diverse biome in the world is the tropical rain forest.

The most diverse biome on Earth is the rainforest. The amazon biome is most diverse among all of the rainforests. New species continue to be found. Between 2010 and 2013 as many as 441 new species were found.

Temperate Rain Forest Type your answer here...

i read about this in class, marine because it take up 70% of the earth. It's not just diverse because it takes up that much space, it is because there are a lot of different species living amongst one another.

The tropic's because you have a lot of plant life and animal life in many different varieties.

Coral Reefs. For more info, look it up yourself. :D

The rainforest biome contains 50% of all the species in the world, making it the most diverse biome, and home to the greatest amount of species.

Tropical rain forests. (not counting marine biomes)

marine biome f*ck the person who put marine biome because that's b*llshit The most diverse biome is actually the wetlands but many still assert that it is the tropcial rain forest.

The ocean is the earth's largest biome. It covers about 75% of the earth's surface.

rain forests and coral reefs

Owls can be found in almost every biome. Snowy owls can be found in the tundra, while burrowing owls can be found in the desert. They are one of the most diverse and adaptable birds of prey.

tropical rain forests, coral reefs

The biome you are going to visit is the tropical rainforest. - plato :)

This would be the coral reef. It has a large variety of marine and plant life that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

Engage your interests while you build your professional skills and confidence in one of the most diverse and dynamic cities on Earth.

According to a website called Mongabay, the country with the highest biological diversity is Brazil. It has a total of 59,851 species of amphibians, birds, mammals, reptiles, and vascular plants.

People you are biologically related to in some way, most likely directly biologically related to.

The Amazon Rainforest [Floresta Amazonia] is the largest rainforest in the world. About 60 percent of the rainforest is within Brazil's borders. The rainforest also is the world's most biologically diverse rainforest.

The tundra is the biome with the most permafrost.

There are two: the tropical rainforests and the temperate rainforests. They have five tropic levels.

To my calculations,the biome that receives the most rainfall is an tropical rainforest.

yes, savanna is the most related todesserts and it is most defintly is aBiome.

The most diverse group of gymnosperms are the conifers.

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