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Yes Asthma is much more common in childhood with up to 60% of children growing out of it. After late childhood (teens) it is uncommon to develop asthma except that related to occupation. This can be due to allergens such as pet fur or irritants such as chemicals. Adult onset asthma could also be brought on by pets at home or cockroaches. If you are a smoker it is more likely to be COPD.

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Q: What is the most common age for someone who has asthma?
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What is the average age of onset for asthma?

Childhood asthma is the most common.

What age group is affected by asthma the most?

Mostly children are affected by asthma but there is actually no age limit for someone to obtain asthma.

What is the most common age for developing asthma?

THere is no common age for developing asthma. But childhood asthma does seem more common than adulthood asthma. I agree, however, I developed asthma in my twenties because I smoked heavily from the time I was age 10. It damaged my bronchial tubes so now I have allergy, cold weather and exercise induced ashtma.

Can asthma make you short?

No. I know someone who has had asthma since he was 2 and he is very tall for his age.

At what age is a child likely to develop asthma?

There are many ages when a child can develop asthma. The age that a child is most likely to develop the disease called asthma is the very young age of five.

What age group has asthma targeted?

For children risk on asthma is high compared to other age. So in the case of children all need to be extra careful in order to prevent asthma. IF someone already this issue then should try some therapy like "Salt therapy" using saltair from "salinetherapy".

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What is pediatric asthma?

It is the asthma found in kids 5 years of age and younger.

Which are the most common disease in children in US?

* Asthma is a common chronic disease among children in the United States.* In 2006, 9.9 million children under 18 years of age were reported to have ever been diagnosed with asthma; 6.8 million children had an asthmatic episode in the last 12 months. * The hospitalization rate for asthma remained at 27 per 10,000 children from 2002-2004. * Asthma is the third ranking cause of non-injury related hospitalization among children less than 15 years of age.* Although asthma deaths among children are rare, 195 children under 18 years of age died from asthma in 2003.Disparities of Asthma * Asthma disproportionately affects children from lower-income families and children from various racial and ethnic groups.* African-American children have a 500% higher mortality rate from asthma as compared with Caucasian children.* In 2005, 13% of African-American children were reported to have asthma as compared with 9% of Hispanic children and 8% of non-Hispanic white children.

Can you be a fighter pilot if you have asthma?

You cannot be a fighter pilot if you have a history of asthma past the age of 13.

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What age do you get asthma?

Usually 50+, but it can happen ay any age.

Could you still have an asthma attack even if you dont have asthma anymore?

yes u can still have asthma even if u have experienced it at ur tender age. this is bcos asthma can not be cured but d the action of it can be delayed . whoever have asthma will die of asthma .

Can 13 year olds die from asthma?

Yes 13 year olds can die from Asthma. There is a risk of anyone who has asthma dying at any age. All it takes is a serious asthma attack.

Can you have asthma to join the marines?

Asthma is generally considered an instant disqualification if you have had episodes/symptoms past a certain age.

How young can you be to have asthma treatment?

Since asthma symptoms can appear as early as age five, treatments can begin at that age as well. The tricky part is training a child to do what is needed.

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How many people die a year of asthma in Australia?

About 60 Million people die of Asthma every year.Asthma prevalence in AustraliaThe word prevalence means how common a condition or disease is in a population. Asthma prevalence refers to how many people have asthma.In 2007-8, 9.9% of the population stated they had current asthma. Rounding these numbers, we can say that about 10% of the population (2 million people) have asthma currentlyAsthma prevalence in Australia is high by international standards. The reason for this is unknownAsthma prevalence in children and young adults has decreased slightly over the last few years. Prevalence remains unchanged in older adultsPrevalence is higher in people 75 and over, being at least 11%In the 0-14 year age group more boys than girls have asthmaIn the 15 years and over age group more females have asthma than malesThe majority of children with asthma in Australia have infrequent intermittent asthma, which means they have occasional 'episodes' of asthma symptoms lasting a short period of time, and only take medication when they have symptoms rather than every dayLess than 5% of children with asthma have persistent asthmaThe majority of adults with asthma have mild or very mild asthmaIn the 2001 to 2004-05 period the gap in prevalence between the least disadvantaged and the most disadvantaged localities increased

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Can a 1 yr old child die from a asthma attack?

Yes a person of any age can die of an asthma attack.

What is the most common age of onset of myasthenia gravis?

The most common age at onset is the second and third decades in women and the seventh and eighth decades in men.