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What is the most common age for someone who has asthma?


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2007-03-19 20:18:27
2007-03-19 20:18:27

Yes Asthma is much more common in childhood with up to 60% of children growing out of it. After late childhood (teens) it is uncommon to develop asthma except that related to occupation. This can be due to allergens such as pet fur or irritants such as chemicals. Adult onset asthma could also be brought on by pets at home or cockroaches. If you are a smoker it is more likely to be COPD.


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Childhood asthma is the most common.

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Mostly children are affected by asthma but there is actually no age limit for someone to obtain asthma.

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THere is no common age for developing asthma. But childhood asthma does seem more common than adulthood asthma. I agree, however, I developed asthma in my twenties because I smoked heavily from the time I was age 10. It damaged my bronchial tubes so now I have allergy, cold weather and exercise induced ashtma.

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No. I know someone who has had asthma since he was 2 and he is very tall for his age.

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There are many ages when a child can develop asthma. The age that a child is most likely to develop the disease called asthma is the very young age of five.

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