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Trojan horse

Probably a Trojan Horse or a Worm


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The Macro virus is the most common type of computer virus. The ILOVEYOU virus is one example of this type of virus which hides in a document or spreadsheet.

Viruses can steal information or destroy computers. The most common virus only steals improtant information. The worst type of virus can destroy a computer, and that computer can never be used again.

It depends on the type of virus. The most common is the Trojan virus, which will hide inside an "ordinary file" and start spreading to other files through registry keys and documents/software installed. At least that is the most common.

Almost any activity on the Internet can cause your computer to be infected by a virus. The most common are emails, social media (such as forums, Facebook, etc), pictures, and downloads.

"Common laptop computer repairs are battery replacements, screen cleanings and virus removal. Batterys will most likely have to be replaced during some point of the lifetime of the computer."

The most common 2009 influenza virus. The common flu in most peoples minds.

Yes, most of the computer virus have security threat to the infected computer. If your computer has been infected with virus, you should remove it quickly.

Anti-virus software is the most common answer although some particularly difficult types have specific removal tools.

Computer viruses can be very damaging to a computer and can even cause them to stop working completely. The most common errors they cause include delayed start-up and slow processing.

computer has a virus remove virus on the computer

well most of them scan your whole computer and then after it finds the virus it will quarantine the virus ( to keep the virrus from jumping) and simply delete it

Computer companies don't but the anti-virus industry (that releases most of the viruses) does, of course.

20 Common Types of Viruses Affecting Your Computer. When we talk about computer security, the virus is the leading threat. It can destroy a single program or the whole computer system instead

Well, you should have a good security protection first of all. Try to at least find out where the virus came from. Adult websites are most common. Facebook, Twitter and celebrity websites are common to. If you have a computer specialist in your area contact them and see if they can fix it. If they can't that usually means that it means that you need a new computer.

Worms: A virus that copies it self through out your computer with out you knowing and eats through stored data on your computer. Smart Bomb: A multiple type of a virus that waits until activated or a set date to run. Batch:Most common, simple "virus". Though not many real hackers consider it a virus but ti is a common thing on the internet... It can be used for malicious intent and delete files.. They come in the .bat extention. Trojan:One of the most common virus, normally isntalls with another program you downloaded.. Its binded, with it. Makes your computer accesable to RATS(Remote admin Tools) that allows others to connect to your computer.. Or allows you to become a part of a botnet.. There are a lot more then 4 types but those are some of the most common.

1.erase or corrupt useful data from harddisk 2. affect hardware components 3. slow down the computer

what are the disadvantages of computer virus what are the disadvantages of computer virus

definition of a computer virus definition of a computer virus

The most common malware software is Norton Anti Virus. They sell slightly more software programs than MacAfree. Norton will detect and clear malware from your computer.

Free virus scan and removal programs are adequate for most computer users and work well to catch common viruses. Paid versions offer more coverage as well as computer support.

The most powerful computer virus would arguably be Stuxnet.

( You can get a virus on a computer from almost anything)Through malicious e-mailsAttack sites (most often adult sites that contract these computer viruses)Hackers can hack into your computer and plant a viruses within your computer from a remote distance.They can be transferred to a computer by a CD that has the actual virus on it if it is inserted in the computer.They can be transferred to a usb drive and you would just have put that usb drive in your usb slot and a virus could be loaded on your computer.The most common source that you will often get viruses from are websites that have a malicious virus implanted within the code of the site to hide its identity from unexpecting visitors who get the virus by visting the site, and dont even know they have those viruses.

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