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caucus system

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2013-04-25 20:32:18
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Q: What is the most common method for nominating candidates for office?
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What earliest method of nominating candidates for office was the legislative?

caucus :)

After losing favor in 1828 what is the earliest method of nominating candidates for office?

The earliest method of nominating a candidate for political office was known as a caucus or convention

A method of nominating candidates for public office in which only registered members of a party can vote is?

A closed-vote primary (restricted to party members)

Which nominating method is the oldest?

The nominating method that is oldest is the 'self-announcement.' This is when the candidate announces his or her intention to run for an elected office.

What is an official public meeting of a party to choose candidates for office?

Nominating Convention.

Which political organizations have the role of nominating presidential candidates for office?

political parties

What are three ways political candidates are nominated for office?

Caucus, Nominating Convention, or Primary

Method in which voters select candidates for office?

direct primary

What is the meaning of direct nomination?

The nomination or designation of candidates for public office by direct popular vote rather than through the action of a convention or body of elected nominating representatives or delegates. The term is applied both to the nomination of candidates without any nominating convention, and, loosely, to the nomination effected, as in the case of candidates for president or senator of the United States, by the election of nominating representatives pledged or instructed to vote for certain candidates dssignated by popular vote.

Method that allows party members to choose candidates for office is the?

Direct primary

What is the most recently developed method of selecting candidates for office is?

Direct primary.

What is the most recently developed method of selecting candidates to run for office?

Direct primary.

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