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Q: What is the most common method of treating green algae in a pool?
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What is the common name of cyanobacteria?

The common name of cyanobacteria is blue- green algae.

What is common name for cyanobacteria?

The common, and erroneous, name for cyanobacteria is blue-green algae

Green algae often differ from land plants in that some green algae?

Some green algae are unicellular

Name of genus of common single celled green algae?


Is algea unicellular?

Algae grows on the sea bed in shallow waters. Yes, majority of algae are unicellular. One common example of a unicellular algae is the green algae Prototheca.

What causes yellow algae?

Nutrient-rich lakes or ponds may support rapid growth of blue-green algae (algae blooms). Blue-green algae are actually bacteria. They are called cyanobacteria after the blue-green pigments that they produce.

What eukaryotic kingdom does algae belong to?

The answer to that question varies depending on the type of algae. Blue Green algae belongs to Monera Unicellular algae: Protista Multicultural algae the most common such as Red, Brown, and green algae belong to the Metaphyta (plantae) kingdom

What is the name of the Genus of common algae that turns stagnant water green?


Why do scientist think green algae and plants have a common ancestor?

They share chlorophyll.

What is the genus of common single-celled green algae consumed as superfood?


Why algae has different colours?

diffeent colours such as green, blue green, yellow and red algae

How do do scientists study evolution of plants?

Plants and green algae have the same types of chlorophyll and carotenoids in their cells so scientists think plants and green algae have a common ancestor.