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I would probably think a Full Case ATX 'Gigabyte' because they are cheap and reliable

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What is the most common motherboard form factor used today?

ATX, Actually todays most common motherboard form factor used is MicroATX

What is the most common motherboard form factors used today?

ATX is the most common.

What is the most common method of configuring components on a motherboard?


Where can someone purchase an AMD motherboard?

One can purchase an AMD motherboard from many websites. The most common and best places to buy an AMD motherboard is from eBay's and Newegg's websites.

What is another common name for a motherboard?

A system board is another common name for a computer motherboard.

What is the most common cable used today for connecting a hard drive to the motherboard?


Which motherboard desighn style is most widely implemented?

which motherboard is most wide style implemented

What causes a motherboard to go bad in the computer?

Heat and exposure to dust or water can cause the motherboard in a computer to go bad. The most common damage is caused by heat, especially when the fan on the computer is damaged.

What is the two types of motherboard?

Two common types of motherboard are ATX and Micro-ATX. An ATX motherboard is much larger and allows for additional hardware to be installed.

4 types of buses that might be on a motherboard today?

You might see many different bus types on a motherboard today in 2014. Four of the most common include the PCI, ATA, USB, FireWire, and SATA.

Which motherboard best support old and new technology?

which motherboard is most likey the easily to configure the BTX or ATX. which motherboard is most likey the easily to configure the BTX or ATX.

What is the shape and the layout of a motherboard called?

The shape and layout of a motherboard (as well as the case) is called the form factor of the motherboard/case. Different form factors include AT (old & out of date), ATX (most common), BTX(up and coming), as well as uncommon form factors like NLX.

What is the Form factors of motherboard?

there are countless ammounts of form factors over the years (currently the most common "modern motherboard form factors" is mini itx, micro atx, atx, extended atx, super atx)

What are some common motherboard manufacturers?

Asus, Gigabyte, Epox

What is the most advanced motherboard to get?

There's no one answer.but the Asus P7P55D Motherboard is one of the best.

What are the devices attach to motherboard?

Every single thing on your computer attaches to the motherboard. Most directly attack to the motherboard, some go through expansion cards t\which are in turn connected to the motherboard.

What are the most common types of computer repair jobs for Toshiba models?

The most common repair on a Toshiba computer is that you would need to reset something like Microsoft. You could also need to put a motherboard in them commonly also.

Does every surge strip have a built-in motherboard?

Yes, most of the surge strips have an in-built motherboard.

What is the most complicated component in a computer?


Computer won't powerup?

There are many possibilities. the most common ones are your power unit or SMPS is gone. Your RAM, Motherboard, processor or display card is gone.

Common hardware parts of a computer?

The most important hardware parts are the CPU, motherboard, and hard drive. The definition of computer hardware is anything on a computer you can touch.

What are the FRUs on your motherboard?

Field Replaceable Unit...Some of the most common are: Processors, Floppy disk drive, DVD/CD drive, Hard drive, drive cables, the motherboard, expansion cards, RAM, power supplies, keyboards, monitors, CMOS batteries...

What does a motherboard do for a computer?

A motherboard is the central component of a computer that most other components hook up to. The CPU is housed on a motherboard, and other components such as hard drives, memory modules and add-on cards are also installed onto a motherboard.

Where is motherboard in a computer?

It is mounted on either the side or bottom of the case. ^It is mounted to a backplane, a metal "plate" that the motherboard screws/clips onto. In most standard cases, the backplane is located on the right side of the case when looking at the front of the case. There are almost no exceptions to this rule, except some small form factor designs where the motherboard sits on the bottom of the case. By far the most common is to mount on the right side though.

Should I worry about my motherboard overheating?

For the most part you should not worry about your motherboard overheating. Just be sure to not block ventilation

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