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What is the most common soccer score?

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What are the most common soccer injuries?

the most common injury in soccer/football are those from the arguments!

What is the Most common score in the NFL?

The most common final score in NFL games is 20-17.

What is the most common knee injury?

That sport would have to be soccer. all you use in soccer is your knee and its been proven that its most common in soccer players.

Who had scored the fist score in soccer?

You are not allowed to score in soccer by your fist

What is the most common sport played in Mexico?

most likely soccer Soccer or called football...

What is the most common score in a World Cup finals match?

The most common score in a World Cup finals match is 1-0.

What is get a goal in soccer?

a goal in soccer is to "score a goal"

How do you score in a soccer game?

You score in a soccer game by kicking the soccer ball into your opponents net from any area on the field. This is called a goal.

Who is one of the most common soccer players?

David Beckham and Mia ham are the most known soccer players

Can a defensive player score in soccer?

Yes. Any player on the pitch can score in soccer including goalkeepers.

What about soccer information?

well the most best thing you can do in soccer is score a goal always try to pass to your teamats And the best thing is to have fun!

What is a zero score in soccer?

It is like a shut out but only in soccer

What is the most common sport for girls in the world?

The common sport in the world is Futbol (Soccer).

What are the most common girl sports played?

The most common girl sports played is: soccer, swimming and basketball

What is a soccer striker?

The soccer striker is an offensive player, trying to score.

What is the most common score in a world cup final match?

1-0 is the most common score though it might be a draw when it goes into stoppage time (if it goes into stoppage time).

How does soccer involve math?

Soccer is involved in math because to keep score

What is a soccer score?

Its the result or number of goals scored after a game of football (soccer).

What is the intent of soccer?

The intent of soccer is to score more goals than your opponent.

In soccer what is it called when you try to score?

When you score it is called a 'Goal'. When you try to score it is called 'Shooting'.

Use the word score in an sentence?

I score all the time when i play soccer.

Who is the most skillful soccer player ever?

Here it has to be Pele , the only man to score over 1,200 goals.

How do they score in soccer?

get the ball in the oppositions net

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