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The most common way people apply for a Social Security card and number is through the mail.

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Can someone find you through your social security number?

people can do almost ANYTHING if they have your social security number

What if I have been using a wrong social security number?

The people will take money out you account and you will have to give the money to the person who social security number you was using

Is there money in your name tied to your social security number at your access?

You cannot access your social security entitlement until you are eligible to collect social security. Then the people who are working will fund your entitlement.

do i have to provide the other party's social security number What if I don't know it?

Whenever you apply for a loan you usually only need your social security number. Anytime you do something where the other party must provide a social security number, the company will get it directly from them. The reasoning for this is that it is unsafe to let many people know your social security number, especially with identity theft on the rise.

How are Social Security number combinations assigned to people?

Visit Social Security Online for an explanation of how numbers are assigned and other SS regulations and methods of operation. Social Security Online,

Does Obama have a grant open for people to pay bill using the number in back of your social security cards?

No, this is an internet scam. There is no such grant, and the people telling you about it are trying to get your social security number in order to steal your identity.

Can you get ssi and social security?

Ssi is for disabled people. Social security is for people retiring.

Has Obama ever been issued a social security card from any other place other than the us?

No, this is another internet myth. There are various false stories that claim he has (pick one) the social security number of a dead man, the social security number of someone from Africa, or no social security number at all. None of these stories are true. Since he was born in America and is a citizen, he has always had an American social security number; but it is private -- as are the social security numbers of most people, in order to avoid identity theft. I enclose a link that debunks one of the many myths about his social security number.

Who was the first president to dip into social security?

Franklin Roosevelt was the President when social security taxes were first collected. The money collected for social security was always spent as soon as it was collected. This was not a problem so long as the number of people paying in increased faster than the number of people collecting benefits.

What are the risks of sharing personal information?

people can use your information to get your social security number

It is illegal to ask for social security numbers?

There are a number of situations, such as when you are applying for a job, or opening a bank account, when you are required to give your social security number. There are other situations in which it would not be appropriate for you to be asked for your social security number, such as, when ordering a hamburger. Nonetheless, it is not illegal to ask for a social security number - people can pretty much ask anything they want to ask, since we enjoy freedom of speech. If you are asked for a number and you don't wish to give it, you don't have to.

Can you draw disability social security on deceased husband social security and on your own social security?

No. If you do then the social security people might end up having you tossed in goal.

What is President Barack Obama social security number?

First, it is against the policy of this site to give out such private information as a person's social security number. But if you are asking because you read some internet myths about the president having [pick one] a fake social security number, a social security number from a dead man in Connecticut, or three different social security numbers, such stories are false. They are spread by "Birthers," people who do not believe the president is an American. President Obama was born in Hawaii, and reliable sources in the government (both at the state and federal level) have stated that his birth certificate, social security number, and other personal documents are legitimate.

Can you get a credit report without a Social Security number?

Many people think you cannot get a credit report without a Social Security number. However, yes you can, with a TIN # or name and address that supposedly has bad results, but YES.

What if you don't have a social security number?

That would make you one of the very few people in the United States, who has not yet been made liable for and therefore not subject to any revenue tax under the so called "social security" revenue scheme. If you don't have a social security number, rejoice and suffer through all the mindless lessons you must teach those errant fools who will insist that you must have a social security number in order to do business. Explain to these souls that you do not need a social security number in order to do any banking, or to contract with other people, and if they require some sort of PIN number for accounting purposes you will gladly authorize a PIN number as long as it is made clear that PIN number is not a social security number. If it is not made clear the PIN number is not a social security number, you run the risk of committing fraud, and since your not liable for and or subject to any social security tax, you don't need to give the tax collectors some reason to harass you. Good luck with being free. If you don't like that idea, you can always go to any tax collector office and apply for a social security number. If that is your choice then extra luck to you, as you'll need it.

How many people are receiving social security retirement checks?

How many people are currently receiving social security checks in the U.S.?

How many people on social security die each year?

how many people die each year who are social security recipients

Is the number 6 used as the first number in social security numbers?

In Ca it has been. I know people that have an SSN starting with a "6".

What does social security mean?

Social Security is a federal government program that helps disabled and retired people.

Is social security capitalize?

It depends but usually not. People get this really confused but NO YOU DON'T CAPITALIZE SOCIAL SECURITY

Where can illegal people get married?

Some states will marry illegals in a civil ceremony provided they can supply papers from the social security office stating that they are ineligible for a social security number. This is in the United States, and I am not sure where you are.

How can i find person using their social security number?

There are many web sites that can help you find a person using their social security number. This is legal, but they do charge a fee. You can search your browser by typing in things such as "People Search" or "Find Someone", etc.

What is average ny social security benefit pay?

what is the average social security payment for all people that are retired

Do people on social security disability receive refunds for taxes?

Only if the person works and has paid into Social Security.

What benefit did the Social Security Act provide people who were not of retirement age?

unemployment insurance