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Q: What is the most dangerous classes of dangerous goods?
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How many dangerous goods classes are there?

there are 9 class altogethe.

How many classes of dangerous goods are there?

There are nine classes of dangerous goods. These classes are based on the type of hazard presented by the dangerous goods, such as flammable liquids (Class 3), gases (Class 2), toxic substances (Class 6), and so on. Each class has specific regulations and packaging requirements to ensure their safe transportation.

Where can I get dangerous goods training?

There are IATA-certified bodies for the training of dangerous goods for shipment by air. Further, there are several training institutes which claim to offer such courses. It is best to obtain training from a school where faculty have hands-on experience of shipping dangerous goods by sea and by land.

What is a class division?

In the context of hazardous material (dangerous goods) a division or class is a number identifying the hazard category of a hazardous material (dangerous good). There are nine hazard classes, several of which are subdivided into divisions.

Is Christmas cracker class as dangerous goods to import into UK?

Yes. In most countries it is.

What is adr gdr and sdr?

ADR -Transport of dangerous goods. Vehicle and driver must be licensed- UN = the number (code) of dangerous goods specified.SDR -Transport of extremely dangerous goods.

How were dangerous goods shipped prior the international maritime dangerous goods code?

They use certain types of cargo ships to ensure the safety of the dangerous goods being shipped internationally.

Is magnesium silicide dangerous goods?

Magnesium oxide is not a dangerous product! Items that are easy to burn, explode, and strongly corrosive are dangerous goods! ! !

Can the UN be printed on the Dangerous goods label?

The UN number can be printed beside the dangerous goods label or on the label

Describe the three major categories of consumer goods Give an example of each?

According to the Marketing Glossary on, there are five classes of consumer products: "classes include convenience goods, shopping goods, specialty goods, unsought goods, and services."

Is cementitious material a dangerous good?

In most cases, cementitious material (materials that tends to stick to itself and form one solid mass) will not meet the definition of a Dangerous Good (Hazardous Material). However, some specific materials may have chemical or fire properties that may make them Dangerous Goods. Always look beyond how it sticks together to consider how it compares to the actual definitions of a Dangerous Good in each of the nine hazard classes.

What are the road restrictions for dangerous goods?

depends on the dangerous goods, the quantity, the packaging and the method of transportation, you need to be more specific