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why dont not answer the questions so when its really important you can always have an answer

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Which motherboard do you think is the most expensive?

el pico

Why is the Intel BLKDH57DD motherboard the most expensive board?

best quality lol

What is true when purchasing a motherboard with a multiple CPU socket?

It is more expensive than a single CPU socket motherboard

Can a motherboard be repaired?

It depends on what kind of damage the motherboard has lived through. A new motherboard is not that expensive, so you should buy a new one if you don't know what you are doing. And are you sure that it's the motherboard and not a virus on your harddisk?

Which motherboard desighn style is most widely implemented?

which motherboard is most wide style implemented

What is the best and least expensive way to replace the motherboard?

Buy a new motherboard and replace the old by the PC engineer that fixed the same PC unit.

Which motherboard best support old and new technology?

which motherboard is most likey the easily to configure the BTX or ATX. which motherboard is most likey the easily to configure the BTX or ATX.

How many SATA are there in the motherboard?

It depends on a motherboard. You can have 2 of them or all 6 of them Maybe there are motherboards with more than 6 ports but they are expensive. I need the location of SATA connections fopr a Dimension 4300 motherboard; hopely with a location graphic.

What is the most advanced motherboard to get?

There's no one answer.but the Asus P7P55D Motherboard is one of the best.

What are the devices attach to motherboard?

Every single thing on your computer attaches to the motherboard. Most directly attack to the motherboard, some go through expansion cards t\which are in turn connected to the motherboard.

Can a laptop motherboard be put in a regular desktop?

In theory it can be used but it will be expensive for you since you need to find the right case. Not every case can hold a laptop motherboard for you because of the form factor.

Does every surge strip have a built-in motherboard?

Yes, most of the surge strips have an in-built motherboard.

What is the most complicated component in a computer?


What is the most common motherboard form factor used today?

ATX, Actually todays most common motherboard form factor used is MicroATX

How expensive is a new motherboard?

anywhere from 50 - 500 bucks. depends on what your needs are but you can find them for under 100 bucks

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Which is the most expensive music album?

In America the most expensive is $22.9 million In England the most expensive is £5,578

Where can someone purchase an AMD motherboard?

One can purchase an AMD motherboard from many websites. The most common and best places to buy an AMD motherboard is from eBay's and Newegg's websites.

What does a motherboard do for a computer?

A motherboard is the central component of a computer that most other components hook up to. The CPU is housed on a motherboard, and other components such as hard drives, memory modules and add-on cards are also installed onto a motherboard.

Should I worry about my motherboard overheating?

For the most part you should not worry about your motherboard overheating. Just be sure to not block ventilation

The most popular motherboard form factor is the?


What is the most difficult part of the microcomputer to remove?

The motherboard.

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What are the most expensive bourbons

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