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As profiled in the "ROBB REPORT", The World's most Expensive Socks cost $400.00 USD. Manufactured in England by Moxon Huddersfield, they are 100% Cashmere, and yes, are a rarified luxury item. Pantherella of England also produce the worlds most expensive socks, in luxury staple yarns of Cashmere, Silk and Sea Island cotton. Some of their socks cost upwards of $125.00 per pair.

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Q: What is the most expensive pair of socks?
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How much does the most expensive pair of sock cost?

400$ ROBB Report 100% Cashmere Socks

Are there left and right socks in a pair of socks?

Very expensive socks can be had in left and right. But the vast majority of socks are indentical for lefts and rights.

What are the typical cost of cashmere socks?

Cashmere socks tend to be much more expensive than socks made of standard fabrics. A pair of cashmere socks will typically cost around USD$15 to $25 per pair. Though $60 to $75 per pair is not unusual for socks from a better brand.

Where are trumpette socks sold and how much do they cost?

Trumpette socks can be sold at alot of baby boutiques.However, they are most commonly found online.They really aren't expensive starting at $10.00 a pair.

How many is a pair?

A pair is two A pair of socks = two socks

How many pair of socks do you need?

10 pair of socks.

Is it 3 pair of socks or 3 pairs of socks?

3 pairs of socks This is because there is more than one pair of socks

If there are 6 white socks and 6 black socks drawing one sock at a time how many socks must be selected to be assured to get a pair?

Three. Three will give you a pair of white socks or a pair of black socks.

12 pairs of socks sepl for 5.79?

To find the price of one pair of socks when 12 pair sell for $5.79, you would divide the price by the number of pairs of socks in the package. So, dividing $5.79 by 12, you would find that one pair of socks would be $.482, which most retailers would round down to $.48/pair.

What is the most expensive pair of jeans that Armani sells?

Currently, the most expensive pair of Armani jeans that are listed on their website cost $428.00.

What are the most expensive pair of trainers?


How long can I expect an average pair of kids socks to last without getting holes?

Some kids can wear out a pair of socks in one day. However, most of the time, kid's socks last at least a couple months.

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