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Q: What is the most expensive shaq rookie card?
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How much is shaq rookie card?

100.00 is that right

How much is shaq rookie all-star game card worth?

If the rookie cards are in mint condition they are worth a price close to $15. The exact price of the card will vary depending upon their condition.

How much is the 1992 Shaquille O'Neal rookie card worth?

It depends on the card and the condition. The 1992-93 Upper Deck No. 1 Shaq rookie card is currently valued at $40, but a couple have sold for as much as $250 on popular auction sites.

How old Shaquille O'Neal when he got rookie?

shaq 20 years when was a rookie .

How much is a Shaquille O'Neal Rookie card?

0 dollars because Shaq is a retired Basketball player it was worth alot more when he was active.

How much is a Shaquille O'Neal rookie card worth?

0 dollars because Shaq is a retired Basketball player it was worth alot more when he was active.

I have a Shaquille O'Neal Fleer 1992-'93 rookie card but when ever I see this card it is 401 but mine has 37 so is this a different Fleer card?

Yes there were cards inserted into hostess cupcake boxes back in this time period. I still have my Shaq that I got from the box when I was younger.

Does anyone know how much a Shaquille O'Neal Classic Futrues 1 of 4500 card is?

The card is only worth $2.60 according to the Beckett price guide. I have a Shaq limited edition card (4 of 6) which I purchased in 1992 but there is no dates on the card or numbers - if anyone knows anything more about this card, please let me know. On the front top right, it says 'allstars' in gold printed diagnolly and at the bottom, it says 'rookie of the year' black writing on gold. The picture is of Shaq in a suit holding the Magic 33 jersey.

Will Greg Oden be better than Shaquille O'Neal?

Definitely not. Although Oden is very similar in body size to Shaq, he will never be as good as Shaq. Shaq was so good because he was simply to big and could overpower anyone on the floor. He did this in his rookie season, and still does it today. Oden, on the other hand, cannot dominate like Shaq did and still is. Oden will definitley be a good player, but not as good as Shaq.

What is the value of a Shaquille O'Neal 1992 Classic Rookie card. On the back it says 17 of 20 for promotional purposes only. Does that mean there are only 20 in the world?

Probably means there were only 20 cards in the promotional set, and shaq was #17 in the set.

Why do people call Shaquille O'Neal diesel?

Shaq's quote: "That's why they call me Diesel - cuz diesel is the most expensive, it burns the longest, and it's stanky."

Who was the center when Kobe Bryant was in his rookie year?

Shaquille O'Neal was the center in the LA Lakers. With shaq and Kobe on their team, they won three championships in a row.