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The earthquake of 1906, San Francisco

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What is the most famous Earthquake?

The most famous Earthquake is the Haiti Earthquake. That would partly depend on where you lived. To people in Lisbon, the most famous earthquake would be that which destroyed that Portuguese city in the early 1700s.

What state is with most earthquake?

I believe it is California.

Where did the most famous earthquake in the world happen?

The most well-known earthquake in America is the San Francisco Earthquake. Can you guess where THAT happened?! However, recently, the earthquake in Japan has been attracting more attention, so we can argue that that is the most famous earthquake in the world.

What is the most famous natural disaster?

the most famous disater is the earthquake in chile.

Who is the most famous person in California?

The most famous person in California is ...... YOU .YOU ARE THE MOST FAMOUS PERSON IN CALIFORNIA believe THAT AND YOU WILL SHINE LIKE A STAR if you arent cruel

Was the most dangerous earthquake in the US?

the most dangerous place is california

What is the most famous earthquake that has ever happened?

2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake and Tsunami

What are some famous earthquakes in Russia?

The most recent earthquake in Russia was the 2013 Okhotsk Sea earthquake. The second most recent earthquake in Russia was the 2008 Chechnya earthquake.

When does California have an earthquake?

The first strong earthquake listed in earthquake annals for California occurred in the Los Angeles, California in 1769. The major earthquake affecting California were in between 1769 and 1989.

What is the most earthquake safe city in California?

ok so Irvine California is a safer spot than most in California because it is a newer city.

When was the most recent earthquake in CA?

The most recent earthquake to happen in California was on July, 15th 2013 in Julian, CA. This earthquake was estimated to be a 1.3 and was about 16 kilometers in depth.

What state has the most earthquakes?

Alaska is the most earthquake prone state, followed by California.

When did California had the earthquake?

California had the earthquake because of movement of tectonic plates.

Where is a Earthquake most likely to occur?

in California cause it is on a tectonic plate

Famous people from baja California?

Can you send me a list of the most famous people from Baja California.

Where is a major earthquake most likely to occur?

Along the San Andreas Fault in California is one likely place for an earthquake.

Who is the most famous author from California?

John Steinbeck is certainly one of the most famous native California writers. He lived in Salinas, California, not to far from the Monterrey Bay.

What is the most famous stadium in California?

The California Golden Bears Stadium!

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