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Ohio State scored their most points ever in a single game in a 128-0 shutout win over Oberlin (Ohio) College in 1916.


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37.9 points per game ... the Buckeyes scored 455 points in 12 games.

Both teams: 91 points in 1980 when Ohio State won 49-42. Ohio State: 51 points in 1962 when they beat Illinois 51-15. Illinois: 46 points in 1999 when they beat Ohio State 46-20 and in 1904 when they beat Ohio State 46-0.

Ohio state football players

The Ohio State Football colors are Scarlet and Gray.

Ohio State University has a long and rich tradition in men's basketball. Many great players have played for the Buckeyes but Gary Bradds holds the record for the most points scored in a game-- 49 on February 10, 1964.

the most points scored in one basketball game was Division 2 team Lincoln beating Ohio State Marion 201-78

Ohio State Buckeyes football was created in 1890.

cincinati radio station that brodcast Ohio state football

the name of the Ohio state football stadium is OHIO STADIUM =]

Ohio State has won 7 National Championships in football

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The records below are for Division 1A: For a 4 year college career, the all time leading scorer is Travis Prentice of Miami of Ohio who scored 468 points on 78 touchdowns between 1996-1999. For a single season, the record is 234 points scored by Barry Sanders of Oklahoma State in 1988. He scored 39 TDs that season. For a single game, the record is 48 points scored by Howard Griffith of the University of Illinois in a game in 1990. He scored 8 rushing TDs.

1890 was Ohio State's first football season.

What is the home record in football for Ohio State since 2002?

Through the 2008 season, Ohio State and New Mexico State have never met in football.

No, there isn't, but there is a tradition at Ohio State to play one or more football teams from Ohio each year.

Toledo and Ohio State have met once in football, that being September 12, 1998 in Columbus. Ohio State won 49-0.

As of the 2008 season, Ohio University and Ohio State have met five times in football (1899, 1900, 1901, 1902, 1999). Ohio State has won all five games.

Austin Carr for ND Austin Carr scored 61 points vs. Ohio University in an NCAA game, but it was not a Final Four game. Bill Bradley has the record: 58 points vs. Wichita State in 1965.

Check on the Ohio State football website if there is one, or try a library. Pickles xx

Ohio State's first interscholastic football game was played in May, 1889 against Ohio Wesleyan. Ohio State won 20-14.

The Ohio State Buckeyes football team plays in Ohio Stadium located in Columbus, Ohio.

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