What is the most popular breed of horse?

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The American Quarter HorseThe American Quarter Horse is one of the most versatile breeds, with affinities for racing, working, and riding. The Quarter Horse outnumbers every other breed of horse in the world. With a registry of over a million registered horses he is popular everywhere. The AQHA has been registering horses since the 1940s which is a relatively short amount of time compared to the much older Arabian breed.
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What is the most popular cat breed?

The most popular pedigree breed of cat is the Persian, but the Domestic Shorthair (otherwise known as the Moggy or mixed breed) is much more popular.

Which are the most popular dog breeds?

Answer The top five are as follows: Labrador Retriever Yorkshire Terrier German Shepherd Dog Golden Retriever Beagle A more detailed list can be found at the related link below. The most popular dog breeds often depend on the continental and cultural context of the region. In America, ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular breed of cat?

According to the Cat Fancier's Association, the most popular breeds of cat are: 1 - Persian 2 - Maine Coon 3 - Siamese 4 - Exotic 5 - Abyssinian

What are the most popular breeds of cats?

All kinds are popular but the most important kind is the cute cat. Cute cats can come in different sizes, shapes and colors but in must be cute! Get it? Got it? Good. .

Most popular breed of dog?

Defiantly the Golden Retriever. Next is the Labrador Retriever According to the Guinness World Records , the most popular dog breed in 2010 was the Labrador Retriever. It is also the most popular breed in America and Great Britain in the same year. The Labrador Retriever well the lab dog ,golden r ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular horse breed in the US?

Answer . The Quarter Horse is the most popular horse breed in America today. They are bred and used for any sport from Western sports, such as barrel racing and calf roping, to English sports, such as jumping and dressage. They are very well tempered and willing to please, which makes them even m ( Full Answer )

What is the most common breed of horse?

Although the Arabian Horse is the oldest domestic breed, the most common (with the largest registry) is the American Quarter Horse.

What is the most popular horse breed?

The Arabian is the most favored horse breed. A survey proves this as fact. This does not mean that the Arabian is the best breed-it just means the greatest percentage of people like Arabians. Please see the related link below for more information:

What are some popular horse breeds?

The Thoroughbred . American Mustangs, Florida Crackers, Quarter Horses, Paints, Thoroughbreds the list goes on and on. I don't have a favorite breed since I love ALL horses SO much. There are over 100 breeds of horses. I dont think we can possibly put ALL of the breeds but here is a short list of ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular horse breeds?

The most commonly heard of are the Appaloosa, Thouroughbred, Pinto, Arabian, Quarter horse, Fresian, Clydsdale, Shetland, Palamino, Cob, and Lippizanner, opposed to their other breeds such as Lokai, Maremmana, and others. Quarter horse. Ther are about 30,000 registered. With more being registered ev ( Full Answer )

What breed of horse is slaughtered most?

\nThe breed of horse that is slaughtered most is the American Quarter Horse. This horse also happens to be the horse that is most commonly over-bred. We should stop massacring the American Quarter Horse.

Most popular breed of cats?

The most popular breed is probably the Moggy which is just a normal cat with no particular breed.

What is the Most popular horse breed used for hunting?

There are many different types of horses used for hunting. Some of the best hunters are Irish hunters. These are fearless and will attempt almost anything. But you can use most sturdy horses for hunting depending on where you are hunting.

What is the most beautiful breed of horse?

Different people have different opinions but Friesians are well known for their beauty. Friesians are known for beauty, but Quarter Horses are also beautiful. but i have to agree with him/her ^. Friesian horses are the most beautiful [improved to my answer] I love and lease a quarter horse, ( Full Answer )

What is the most useful breed of horse?

In my opinion, i would definitely say the Quarter Horse. Because this breed is SO versatile, it can be ridden as a western pleasure horse, trail horse, roping/other western eventing sports, and also in English for jumping smaller fences and for English ground work. It is just a great all-around hors ( Full Answer )

What breed of horse is the most expensive?

Im really big into horses and I really don't think its always the breed that's expensive. the value of a horse can very depending on their training, confirmation and their bloodlines. I have noticed many people will but the horses with great bloodlines (Zippos Pine Bar) (sorry if I spelled the name ( Full Answer )

What is the least popular horse breed?

There are breeds with very few horses still living, but that's not necessarily a measure of popularity. I don't know that anyone has determined what the least popular breed of horse is.

What are the most popular breeds?

As of AKC registries for 2011, Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever, German Shepherd Dog, Beagle, and the Poodle are the 5 most popular dog breeds .

What are the top ten most popular horse breeds?

1. Arabian 2. Quarter Horse 3. Paint 4. Miniature 5. Thoroughbred 6. Appaloosa 7. Morgan 8. Tennessee Walking 9. Welsh 10. Andalusian (based on the number of breeders and breed associations)

What are the top 10 most popular horse breeds?

Quater horse Paint Arabain Appaloosa Thoroughbred Morgan Mini pony :) Tennese walking horse Welsh/ Cob pony Friesian or Andalusian hope this helps :) P.S. Fox trotters are very popular too

What are the 5 most popular draft horse breeds today?

The Belgian is the most popular draft horse in the USA. The 4 other most popular draft horse breeds are: Shire, Percheron, Clydesdale, and Haflinger. I should also add that there is a sixth most popular draft horse - the Friesian.

What is the most popular breed on Howrse?

There is not really on type of howrse more popular than others, however at the moment there are most arabs, then paints then thoroughbreds on the international howrse. However everyone has a different favourite!

When did horse breeding become popular in Texas?

Texas is a big horse state. I doubt that there was ever a time when it was not popular. But horse breeding in Texas really boomed with the King Ranch. This was the birthplace of the American Quarter Horse. The King Ranch is still in operation along with hundreds of others all over the state.

What are the most popular breeds of horeses?

many people have many different opinions but in my experience paints, appaloosas, quarter horses, pintos, welsh ponies, thoroughbreds, and Arabians are most popular among people in my area but it depends on what type of riding you do.

What is the most gentle breed of horse?

The answer to this question is not an exact science. Every horse has its own personality. But I hope that this helps a little. Horses are grouped into three different "bloods" -Hot bloods. -Warm bloods. -Cold bloods. Now hot bloods are known for being energetic and competitive. Energetic ( Full Answer )

What are the five most popular breeds of horses?

Quarter Horses, Thoroughbreds, Paints, Arabians, Clydesdales. The five most popular horse breeds in the World: The American Quarter Horse The American Paint Horse The Arabian Horse The Thoroughbred Horse The Appaloosa Horse

Which state breeds the most horses?

A couple of states are pretty close. Texas, California, Oklahoma, Kentucky, Florida are the top contenders for horse breeding. The northeast states are big producers of sport horses and hunter/jumpers. The American Quarter Horse is the most popular breed in the US.

How can name the most horse breeds?

Arab . ardenais . barb . bolonassis . canadian cutting horse . prezwalski . lippizzaner . lusitano . welsh section a . welsh section b . welsh section c . welsh section d . shire . hanovarian . fell . friesian . dales . yakut . shetland . american shetland . m ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular breed in Howrse?

The Arabian Horse is at the moment, go on directories at the top of the howrse page and then click Horses from the dropdown and VOILA! It says each day which breed, sex, coat colour and GA coat is the most popular! :) I a called tinnasgirl on Howrse by the way!

What were the most popular breeds of horses in the 1940s?

In the 1940's the American Quarter Horse was finally organized into a breed. These have always been a very popular breed. The Arabian and Thoroughbred are constants, too. America Saddlebreds were very popular and were used almost exclusively in Hollywood by the movie industry. The Shetland and Welsh ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular breeds of chickens?

There are many popular breeds of chickens, depending on their intended purpose or use. For example, the best meat chickens are thought to be Cornish Cross or other heavy birds. Conversely, the most popular breeds of chickens for heavy egg laying include Leghorns, Barred Rocks, Rhode Island Red, B ( Full Answer )

What is the most popular breed of tiger?

There are no BREEDS of tigers, only SPECIES. Like the Siberian tiger, the Bengal Tiger, etc. Unless you're referring to some other animal...

What was the most popular horse breed in olden times?

In medieval England, horses were not classified by breed but by the kind of work they could do. Horses were called palfreys, rounceys, hunters, chargers, draught-horses, pack-horses and farm-horses. The different functions were reflected in widely differing prices - a farm horse in the late 12th ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular breeds of horses and ponies?

Some of the most popular breeds of horses are thoroughbred, American saddlebred, racking horse, and quarterhorse. The most popular pony is a shetland pony. The Arabian horse is pretty popular aswell. Shetlands are quite popular and can be seen in a lot of riding schools as field companions for ot ( Full Answer )

What are the most popular horses breeds?

I would say the most popular ones are: Thoroughbred Shetland and maybe the Shire. I know this because when I ask my friends, who know nothing abouthorses, most of them say "the Sheltland" and a few say"Thoroughbred"!!

What are the basic most popular horse breeds?

The most popular breed in america is the American Quarter horse, followed my The American Paint horse, and other breeds such as the Appaloosa, Morgon, Arabian, and thorughbred.

What is the fifth most popular breed of horse?

Appaloosa and I am SO happy because they are my favorite horse. I suggest you look on google images and type in the box "appaloosa horses". You won't regret it! The pics are awesome!

What was the most famous breed of horses?

That really depends on where you're from and where you live. In North America, likely the most famous breed of horse would be the American Mustang, followed by the American Quarter Horse. In the Middle East, the most famous breed would be the Arabian horse.

How popular is horse breeding in the US?

Horse breeding in the US is quite popular. Horse breeding can be a hobby or a profession to some people. The US horse industry is a $100 billion dollar industry and a good majority of that money comes from breeding.

What breed of horse has the most bascule?

Bascule is the horses ability to 'round up' over a jump. No one breed is any better at it than another, it is all in the individual horses own jumping style and how it was trained.