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The most popular institute for online courses would be one of the following: University of Phoenix, DeVry University or American Public University. However, just because these three may be the most popular, it does not mean it is the best option.

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Q: What is the most popular institute for online courses?
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What architecture courses are available online?

There are many architecture courses you can take online. The most popular course is architectual design, You can get a full list of them at

Is there an accredited online university for computer technology?

One of the most popular choices for online courses is the University of Phoenix. They offer an IT associates degree. More information can be found at ITT Technical Institute also offers online programs.

Where can I take Spanish classes online?

Unique Spanish Courses Online. If you are serious about Learn Spanish Online... The Spanish Institute Online is a highly regarded Spanish Language School ..

What are some schools that offer correspondence courses online?

Many schools offer correspondence courses online. Usually these only taking a year or so to complete. University of Phoenix is one of the most popular.

What are the more popular and successful GMAT preparation courses?

There are several GMAT preparation courses that are both popular and successful. Of these, Kaplan test prep is preferred by most. More Information can be found at Any courses that are made through Kaplan are the most popular due to the wide amount materials that are available. Princeton Review also have these courses that are for GMAT, however they are limited when it comes to online.

What online schools have the best computer IT courses?

There are many choices for online degrees. The most important factor is making sure the degree comes from an accredited university. The most popular and respected online program for IT is from .

Can you take online driving courses?

online traffic schools are approved in most of the counties and are a very popular option among people taking defensive driving courses. Online schools score over classroom traffic schools because of the flexibility they offer.

Where can one take an online medical coding course?

There are a ton of online universities that offer medical courses. Herzing and Devry are among the most popular online universities that offer medical coding. Kaplan and Allied Health Schools also offer medical coding courses online.

Where can I find the best tax preparation courses?

Some of the tax preparation courses are created by online tax service companies. The most highly rated and popular one of all is Jackson Hewitt. They provide courses and discounts on their services.

Where can one take a wine course online?

There are several websites which offer online courses on wine. Some of the most popular include Winespectator, Indulge Wines and Wine and Spirits School.

What is a name of an online technical school?

One of the most well-known online technical schools is ITT Technical Institute. It specializes in computer-related courses. Depending on what you're looking for, you'll find a host of technical schools online these days. Sometimes called vocational schools, these institutions offer a wide variety of courses from automotive repair to forensics.

Where is it possible to learn about corporate online?

The BBC Learning site has an online business studies course free. It can be found under "Most popular Subjects now." There are several courses available about corporations.