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I guess the most popular stroke is the Arm Crawl/Arm stroke/Freestyle. . . maybe because it's the easiest.

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What is the most popular swimming stroke?

it would be the freestyle the most easiest stroke in swimming

What is the most popular stroke for swimming?

the most popular stroke for swimming would obviously be, front crawl. this is why, in freestyle, most people choose front crawl and not back stroke, butterfly or breaststroke.

What is the favorite swimming stroke?

Frontcrawl is generally the most popular swimming stroke as it is the most efficient

What is the most popular dance move in the world?

tha daddy stroke .....flex

Name a popular swimming stroke?

front stroke back stoke breast stroke elementary backstroke

What is the least popular swimming stroke?

butterfly would be the least popular as it is the hardest

Is the evinrude 9.5 9622a a four stroke or two stroke?

The 9622 was manufactured in 1966, and is only 60 pounds. It is a 2-stroke, and has a reputation for still being one of the most powerful Evinrudes for its size. They are still extremely popular for use in small boats.

Which is the most common type of stroke in older people?

ischemic stroke

What are the most common symptoms you get AFTER a stroke?

The most common symptoms you get after a stroke are initial disabilities such as muscle problems.

What is the most common way to swim?

I depends on the context but the default swim for most people is definitely the freestyle. It is the first form a swimming taught to children. It was originally called the front crawl but after it's dominance in freestyle swim competitions (competitions where any stroke could be used) it eventually became known as freestyle swimming. It became popular in the middle of the 19th century and before that the breast stroke was the most used stroke.

Which blood vessel is most commonly implicated in a stroke?

The middle cerebral artery is the one most commonly blocked (occluded) in a stroke.

What is the nost difficult stroke in swimming?

It is most often down to personal capabilities. It is generally seen to be the stroke, Butterfly, as the most difficult.

What swimming stroke uses most energy?

It is breaststroke. Breaststroke uses the most energy per each stroke. Butterfly uses the most because it is the fastest.

How can you differentiate 2 stroke and 4 stroke vehicle by appearance only?

The most obvious difference is that a two stroke has no valves and valve gear.

Why do most very small engines operate on 2 stroke?

Most small engines are two stroke because you can get more power from a smaller engine with two stroke rather than a four stroke engine. It takes less to cool and to operate the engine.

What are the different types of swimming techniques?

The most popular swimming stroke is the Australian Crawl. Also, it is one of the fastest. Others include the Butterfly, backstroke, and of course, the dogpaddle!

What is more efficient a four stroke engine or two stroke and why?

The most efficient to date is a 2-stroke design. it is a turbo desiel 2-stroke. but normally a 4-stroke is usually the more efficient of the two engine types.

What is the average length of a swim stroke?

Some club swimmers can average: 2m/stroke on freestyle and backstroke 3m/stroke on breaststroke and butterfly But most general swimmers can average 1m/stroke

Can a stroke cause memory problems?

Yes, that is actually one of the most common side effects of a stroke.

What swimming stroke that is most difficult?

That depends on you.

What are the most popular models of flat track motorcycles?

Flat Track motorcycle models vary but are all geared for the sport of Flat Track racing. Most motorcycles can be used for Flat Track racing and can have either two stroke or four stroke engines in amateur competition. Some brands that are used are Triumph and Harley Davidson.

What is the superlative of the word popular?

most popular

In canoeing what is the Cruising Position?

In canoeing, the cruising stroke is another name for the forward stroke. It is the most basic stroke in the sport of canoeing, and the basis for all of the other strokes.

What lobe is the most affected during the stroke?

A stroke can happen in any lobe of the brain. I think the worst area one can have a stroke in is at the base of the brain, in back of the head.

Which is the most common type of stroke in older people occurs when the flow of blood to the brain is blocked?

ischemic stroke