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Ho-oh is the most powerful. In Heartgold and Soulsilver, the two great legendary Pokemon are like Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, with Palkia and Dialga, exept that these two games have Ho-oh and Lugia.


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The most powerful Pokemon on Pokemon Diamond/Pearl is the most powerful Pokemon of all too. It is ARCEUS

in heartgold you can get him at cuerlian cave after you get all 16 badges P.S he is the most powerful Pokemon in the world so watch your back (he's at level 70) from the Pokemon master

Though you can train a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon in your party, popular opinion does not think a Pikachu to be the most powerful Pokemon.

Mewthree isn't a Pokemon in HeartGold. Most likely it is said to be a rumor for the games.

Yes, Mew is the most powerful Pokemon ever.

flareon is a fire type flamthrower is th most powerful Moves but you think it was fire blast.

There is no best Pokemon on Pokemon HeartGold.

there is no Pokemon Mansion in Heartgold.

Well the most powerful non-event Pokemon is Giratina but no one is untouchable.

soulsilver and heartgold, it has the most trainers

Your mom is the most powerful attack

Yes. He just isn't as powerful as the Ho-oh that you can catch. as with SoulSilver, you can catch Ho-oh but it won't be as powerful as the Lugia.

The only Pokemon you can't get in heartgold is Unpva Pokemon!

Pokemon heartgold or soulsiver

They are not in Pokemon HeartGold

where is the pokemon transfer lab in heartgold

there is no green in Pokemon heartgold

MEW , the most powerful Pokemon out of all 490 Pokemon.

Arceus is the most powerful, with a base stat total of 720, the current highest. sds ooo

No, but you can trade Pokemon only in HeartGold to Black

The most powerful water type is Suicune.

Aura Beam is in Pokemon HeartGold.

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