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Nagato Uzumaki's Rinnegan. It gives the user the powers of the six chakra nature transformations, thus allowing the user to wield any non-bloodline jutsu.

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Q: What is the most powerful eye in naruto?
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What is the most stronger eye tichnique in naruto Shippuden?

In the series, the Rinnegan is usually considered the most powerful ocular jutsu by the characters.

Can Naruto 6tails be?

yes of course he can. Naruto is the most powerful character.

What is the most powerful element in naruto?


Who is second most powerful in naruto?

the second most powerful is madara uchiha because sasuke is the first NO NO NO NO! you all know that naruto the main character is number 1!

What is the most poerful jutsu Naruto has?

his most powerful jutsu is rasen-shuriken

Who is the most powerful Naruto villain?

That would have to be Madara Uchiha. With his Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan that makes him untouchable, and his ability to teleport anywhere, he is definitely the most powerful villain in the Naruto world.

Why does the akatsuki want the demons?

To be the most powerful organization in the world(of Naruto) ;)

What is more power then susanoo?

there is much more powerful than anything in Naruto Shippuden.and that is the Moon's Eye..Uchiha Madara wants to acquire the Moon's Eye to conquer the world...its much more powerful than Susanoo..

What is the most powerful sharigan in Naruto?

This depends on who reached the highest level of sharingan

Who is much powerful between Sasuke and Naruto?


Who is better Neji or Naruto?

Naruto is definitely better than Neji. Naruto defeated Pain, the akatsuki leader which proved that at this time he is the most powerful in the leaf village.

Who is the most powerful ninja?

The best is the new charecters like hebi sasuke and sage naruto.