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Nuclear reactions like nuclear power plants ^_~

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Q: What is the most powerful man made energy source on earth?
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What kind of energy is made when steam comes out of the earth and spins a turbine?

The energy made by the turbine/generator is electrical, but the source of the energy is geothermal

Is the absorption of solar energy the primary source of energy for heating the air?

This is true, and also for heating the earth's surface and the oceans. The only other source is the heat from the centre of the earth. Man-made activities are small by comparison.

What source of energy drives the nitrogen cycle?

The air 78% of the air on earth is made up of nitrogen

What is the source of almost all energy on earth?

The sun in the main source of energy, providing heat-for animals, solar powes, ect...., which then turns to energy. We then use energy for electricity, which powers alsost all of our technology. :)

How is wood made into an energy source?

It already is an energy source.It already is an energy source.It already is an energy source.It already is an energy source.

Why is the sun your source of light?

According to Islamic explanation GOD created sun for the early forms of life as there was no other source of light at that time.In this day and age sun is one of the most beneficial source because energy can be created from sun rays. As far as the Islamic explanation goes sun was made at the beginning of the Universe. it was made to make Earth suitable for species to live in. At the beginning of Earth there was no source of light that could make Earth a perfect homeland for life forms so it was created for the establishment of Earth and for the andvanced energy production of the future.

How did they come to be?

animals were made by god who made the earth and us and is all powerful

What is the name of the energy source made by mitochondria?

That is chemical energy. Energy is in the ATP molecules

What is energy made out of?

it is made out if gases that are underneaqth the earth

What is a kind of energy made by fossil fuels?

A non-renewable source of energy.

What is the source of hydro power energy a model for school?

Hydro energy is energy made by water.

What is geothermal energy made out of?

Geothermal energy is thermal energy that is generated and stored in the Earth. Geothermal energy is used to produce electricity. 🌀